Car accidents are one of the leading causes of wrongful deaths across the country, including right here in Salt Lake City.

As your Salt Lake City car accident wrongful death lawyer will tell you, in order to prove a wrongful death by car accident, you will need to show that there was negligence on the part of the driver who hit and killed your loved one.

Since Utah is one of the many states that have adopted comparative negligence laws, we will also need to show that your loved one was not at fault for the accident that killed him or her.

Essentially, the burden of proof is the same as if your loved one were still alive and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after being involved in a car accident.


Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

There are definite limits on who can file a car accident wrongful death lawsuit in the state of Utah.

In Salt Lake City, the most plausible scenario is for the spouse to sue for a wrongful death. Parents of minors can also file a wrongful death suit if one of their children has been killed in a car accident, and similarly, a minor can file a wrongful death suit if a parent has been killed.

The more distant the relationship, the less likely it is that the wrongful death lawsuit will be allowed to proceed. Consulting a Salt Lake City car accident wrongful death lawyer can provide answers to any questions as to whether your wrongful death suit may have grounds for compensation.


Why File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

There are many good reasons why a person should file a wrongful death lawsuit if a loved one has been killed in a car accident in Salt Lake City.

While a successful wrongful death lawsuit will not resolve the pain and suffering from losing a loved one, there are financial benefits that come from winning a wrongful death lawsuit. These can help you decrease the cost of the car accident and of having to bury somebody you care about.

You may be compensated for some of the following if you are successful in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a car accident in Salt Lake City:

  • Medical costs that the deceased victim incurred as a result of the car accident
  • Cost of the funeral and burial
  • Decrease in household income due to the loss of the deceased’s wages
  • A survival claim compensating the deceased person’s pain and suffering prior to passing away
  • The loss of love, companionship, care, and guidance that the deceased would have provided


Fatal Accident Causes

There are numerous reasons why a person could be involved in a fatal car accident. It is important in a wrongful death lawsuit to understand exactly what was responsible for the passing of your loved one after the car accident.

A Salt Lake City car accident wrongful death lawyer can use any one of these to prove the negligence of the other party if they factored into your loved one’s death:

  • Distracted driving—the driver was on a cellphone or was otherwise not paying attention
  • DWI—the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Excessive fatigue—the driver’s reactions were slowed due to tiredness
  • Poor road conditions—Improperly maintained roads that presented a driving hazard
  • Car defect—a manufacturing defect resulting from negligent design


Get Help from a Salt Lake City Car Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

You deserve financial compensation for the death of your loved one. A Salt Lake City car accident wrongful death lawyer can help you get what you need.

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