Speed plays a major factor in a large number of car accidents. In fact, nearly one-third of all car accidents across the United States have been attributed to speeding.

The faster you drive, the more likely it is that you will have serious injuries if you’re involved in a car accident. Despite this fact, and the increased odds of being in an accident while speeding, statistics show that 75 percent of drivers admit to committing this offense on a regular basis. Overall, roughly 90 percent of drivers admit to having sped at least once in their lifetime.

Rarely is speeding justified; in most cases it is a simple act of gross negligence. If your accident was caused by a speeding driver, contact a Salt Lake City speeding accident lawyer to find out how to secure the compensation you are owed.

Compensation for Injuries and Damages

After being in an accident, you will likely need medical care. You may also miss time from work or be unable to work at all.

Some injuries may turn into long-term disabilities. In addition to impacting your professional life, this could also impact your personal life in the form of expensive home modifications such as wheelchair ramps. A long-term disability could prevent you from engaging in many of the activities you once enjoyed.

All of these things are justification for financial compensation when someone else’s negligence is to blame. Contact a Salt Lake City speeding accident lawyer to find out what your best path forward is.

Comparative Negligence

Utah courts assign liability based on comparative negligence. Utah is one of many states in the country that has adopted this method, which means that the judge will determine if you contributed anything to the cause of an accident and assign you a percentage of responsibility that you will be liable for.

This percentage will reduce your settlement amount, so it’s imperative to prove the other driver’s negligence. A driver who is speeding, which is breaking the law, will typically be found more liable for the damages caused and have to pay a larger percentage of the judgment.

What You Should Know

Speeding does not necessarily involve excessive speed. Driving at the wrong speed in the wrong zone can have disastrous consequences regardless of how fast you’re going.

For example, driving faster than is appropriate in adverse road conditions can lead to an accident that the driver could be held liable for.

Speed limits are posted for a reason: They are the recommended speed for safe driving in that particular area. If the other driver violated a posted speed limit, he or she should be ticketed and would likely be held liable for the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident.

The key is to prove the other driver’s negligence so that you can receive the maximum level of compensation.

Call to Discuss Your Case

A Salt Lake City speeding accident lawyer can assist you in building a strong case that demonstrates the other driver’s negligence. We can also ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process and that you are compensated for medical expenses and related damages.

To discuss your case and your options in further detail, contact Craig Swapp & Associates by calling 1-800-404-9000 or reaching us online through the form on this page.

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