In Salt Lake City, there are certain roads that have shoulders with steep drop-offs. This type of poor road construction creates dangerous conditions for unsuspecting drivers.

If you have been injured or your vehicle was damaged because of a shoulder drop-off, a Salt Lake City shoulder drop-off accident lawyer can represent you and help you get the compensation you deserve. Injuries resulting from shoulder drop-off accidents are not uncommon. If a road’s shoulder was poorly constructed, you have a right to be compensated.

You Have the Right to Drive on Safe Roads

Any time you are driving in Salt Lake City, you should be able to expect the road surfaces to be well maintained and in good repair. When they aren’t, it means that whatever company or agency is responsible for their upkeep is also responsible for your accident.

What Is a Shoulder Drop-Off?

In Utah, it is required that a paved shoulder be flush with the road next to it. However, it is surprisingly common how often this standard is not adhered to.

This type of negligence can easily lead to an accident. Drivers may lose control of their vehicle if a shoulder drops off suddenly when they aren’t expecting it.

How Do Shoulder Drop-Offs Cause Accidents?

At some point or another, all drivers have a situation come up that requires them to pull over on to the side of the road. Once they are ready to resume travel, it is usually necessary to speed up while driving on the shoulder in order to merge with the flow of traffic.

It is exactly for this reason that Utah standards require that a paved shoulder be flush with the road next to it. If the road and shoulder are not level at the point where a driver is trying to merge with traffic, it can result in an accident as the wheels jerk in the opposite direction from where the driver is steering.

Shoulders That Aren’t Flush Lead to Accidents

Cars that are low to the ground are especially at risk. Merging back onto the road on a bad shoulder can cause them to lose control or not be able speed up quickly enough to successfully merge into traffic

In cases like this, it is certain that the road’s shoulder drop-off was to blame in the accident. A Salt Lake City shoulder drop-off car accident lawyer can demonstrate that the defect or deformity in the shoulder of the road is responsible for your car accident.

Get Help From A Salt Lake City Shoulder Drop-off Accident Lawyer Today

When the negligence of others results in damages or injuries, they should be held accountable. Consult a Salt Lake City shoulder drop-off accident lawyer to find out if you have a case for compensation.

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