When a defective airbag injures you, you might face expensive medical bills, time away from work, and physical disabilities. Don’t let a faulty airbag deflate your life; get compensation for your suffering with the help of a Salt Lake City airbag injury attorney.

Airbags are supposed to prevent injuries during car crashes. So when they cause injuries, you have good reason to be upset—and to seek compensation for your suffering.

If you’ve been injured by an airbag, you may have grounds to file a claim for compensation against the product manufacturer. But corporations have lawyers whose job it is to resist compensating victims of their faulty products, so you’re likely to encounter some difficulty.

But letting a Salt Lake City airbag injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates handle your case for you can reduce that stress and give you a higher chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

What Happened?

Airbags can malfunction in a variety of ways and injure you as a result. They can fail to deploy during a crash, they can deploy spontaneously, and they can deploy with too much force—just to name a few.

When you meet with your airbag injury attorney, you’ll need to tell him or her exactly what happened. That way, the cause of your injuries can be confirmed, the at-fault party can be identified, and your lawyer can make your case.

Several Parties Could Be to Blame

If you were in an accident with another Salt Lake City driver, he or she could have liability for what happened. Proving this usually requires reviewing accident reports and pictures and speaking with witnesses.

Then, if the airbag in your vehicle did not function properly, your attorney will need to determine who was responsible for this malfunction. The negligent party could be any or all of the following:

  • The company that manufactured your vehicle
  • The maker of the airbag or a component used to deploy it
  • The company that recently serviced the airbag or made a repair

It’s important to name the truly responsible party in your claim because you have to be able to prove negligence to collect compensation, according to Utah law.

Was There a Recall?

A good Salt Lake City airbag injury attorney will know that airbag recalls are relatively common, and manufacturers don’t always issue recalls when they should.

Some manufacturers fail to issue airbag recalls because they don’t realize their airbags could injure drivers, but others might deliberately avoid a recall because they believe the expense of lawsuits against them will be less than the total expense of a massive recall.

Putting innocent drivers at risk is unacceptable, and the responsible party should be held responsible. Even if there was a recall, you could still pursue compensation if a faulty airbag injures you.

If your Salt Lake City attorney can prove that the manufacturer knew about an airbag defect and didn’t issue a recall, you might receive punitive damages, which would go beyond simple compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and lost time at work.

Speak with a Lawyer

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