It’s a simple truth that most areas where road construction is taking place are inherently hazardous to drive through.

When the agencies or companies responsible for road construction fail to take proper precautions, a construction zone can become a car accident waiting to happen. While the road construction crew may not be directly responsible for an accident, they could still have a degree of liability for creating the road conditions that caused it.

If you are owed compensation for damages or injuries that occurred in a construction zone accident, contact a Salt Lake City road construction accident lawyer to give your case the greatest chance at a successful outcome.

Road Construction Accident Causes

Any road construction zone has an increased risk of car accidents. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Inadequate signage warning drivers of upcoming road construction
  • Distracted drivers not paying sufficient attention to road conditions in a construction zone
  • Drivers who fail to obey speed limit signs and warning signs
  • Poorly designed road construction routes and detours

Any of these factors could be the root cause of a construction zone accident. A Salt Lake City road construction accident lawyer can build a strong case around any one of these, ensuring you have an excellent chance at securing compensation for your damages and injuries.

Human Error

According to the International Organization for Road Accident Prevention, more than 90 percent of road accidents are caused by human error.

This number increases exponentially when you place human drivers into a road construction situation. In a road construction zone, drivers must pay more attention, slow down, not engage in distracted driving, and be aware of the potential hazards that can occur in any construction zone.

It’s a simple truth that not enough drivers pay sufficient attention when driving through a construction zone. If another driver caused a construction zone accident by driving distracted, consult a Salt Lake City road construction accident attorney in order to secure your compensation for that person’s negligence.

Comparative Negligence

Utah evaluates accident settlements according to comparative negligence. Road conditions; the state of the construction zone; and the quality of detours, signage, and warnings will all factor into each involved party’s determined percentage of responsibility.

Under comparative negligence, the percentage of fault you are found responsible for will directly reduce your awarded settlement amount by that percentage. In an accident where you are awarded a $10,000 settlement but are found to be 10 percent at fault, your end settlement amount will be reduced by $1,000.

The sound legal advice of an experienced Salt Lake City road construction accident lawyer is your best option for mitigating the amount of negligence assigned to you.

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