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Salt Lake City Burn Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered burns due to the negligence of someone else, you should be financially compensated for what you have had to endure and any expenses that have resulted.

The best way to proceed with a personal injury claim is to hire a Salt Lake City burn injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to represent you and file a lawsuit on your behalf. This will allow you to preserve your legal rights and to seek compensation while you are still recovering from your injuries.

Valuing Your Claim

Your Salt Lake City burn injury lawyer will be able to properly estimate what your claim is worth. To do so, we will need to review how your injuries have impacted your life. A few of the things we will discuss are as follows:

  • Medical Expenses – We will review your medical records and the bills associated with them. We will also speak with your doctor to determine how much care you’re likely to need in the future. This will allow us to determine what your true medical expenses are.
  • Lost Income and Wages – If your injuries are so severe that you have been unable to work, you will be entitled to compensation for your lost wages.
  • Caregiver Expenses – If you must hire someone to provide at-home care for you, daycare for your children, or even to help around the house because you are physically hindered by your burns, you could be compensated for this expense.
  • Pain and Suffering – A severe burn injury is bound to cause you serious pain—both physical and emotional. Although this is a non-economic damage, you can still be compensated for it.

After reviewing all of these items and any additional expenses you have accrued, your Salt Lake City burn injury lawyer will be able to properly value your claim.

Settling Your Case

We will prepare a demand letter and send it to the insurance company. If they agree to the terms, we can settle your case out of court.

If they will not negotiate in good faith, going to court will be in your best interest. Once there, a jury will determine the true value of your claim, and a court-rendered verdict will allow you to receive the monetary compensation necessary to enable your recovery.

Call a Salt Lake City Burn Injury Lawyer for Help

Protect your rights by speaking with an attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates. You only have a limited amount of time in which to hire a Salt Lake City burn injury lawyer and file a lawsuit before reaching the statute of limitations, so act as soon as possible.

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as calling 1-800-404-9000 or completing the form below. One call, that’s all!

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