Limb loss is beyond horrific, but victims aren’t without options. If your amputation was someone else’s fault, get in touch with a Salt Lake City amputation attorney.

After an amputation, not only are you suffering the physical pain and the emotional distress of losing a limb, you will endure enormous changes in your life and a long road to recovery.

One thing is certain: Amputations are costly injuries. With surgeries and prosthetics, healthcare needs for your limb loss will be expensive and long-lasting. To receive compensation for your medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and your pain and suffering, it may be necessary to hire an attorney.

To help you secure fair and full compensation, a Salt Lake City amputation lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates will aggressively investigate your accident and fight for you to maximize the value of your injury claim.

Amputation Accidents in Salt Lake City

Loss of limb from a motor vehicle accident is not uncommon. The force of impact of a large truck, for example, can cause the loss of an arm, leg, hand, toe, or finger.

Amputation can happen on impact, or doctors may amputate if necessary to save your life. Sometimes, a crushed limb can lead to complications like serious blood infections that necessitate amputation.

We Will Negotiate on Your Behalf

With a Salt Lake City lost limb lawyer’s help, you won’t have to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. Because they are in business to make large profits, insurers will work to give you the lowest payout possible. A lawyer from our firm will handle insurers effectively to make sure you’re treated fairly.

Negotiating your Salt Lake City loss-of-limb accident settlement is a complicated task. But an experienced attorney from our firm will work hard to see that the insurance company or negligent party is held financially accountable for the hardships you have faced.

Recovering Damages for Your Losses

Salt Lake City victims who have lost a limb due to the negligence of another may want to file a personal injury claim against the party at fault to recover compensation for their losses. The aftermath of an amputation-causing accident can be devastating to victims and their families. The financial cost of an amputation is ongoing—typically a lifelong journey.

Along with the medical costs of multiple surgeries and prosthetics, you can recover damages for your physical pain and emotional suffering. Other damages we may calculate in your claim could include the following:

  • Current and future medical expenses, including costs of prosthetics or assistive devices
  • Lost wages and future income
  • Changes to your residence and vehicle
  • Career and vocational training if you are no longer able to work at your old job
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Contact a Salt Lake City Amputation Attorney

The attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates understand that losing a limb is a difficult and painful journey. That’s why we’ll work with the utmost dedication in investigating your accident and securing the fair and full compensation you are entitled to.

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