Personal injury lawsuits in Utah have a statute of limitation. That’s why it is vital if you have been involved in an accident and have been injured. You must seek legal assist in your Riverton, Utah area to view you options. Personal injuries can vary anywhere from slips and trips to car accidents to product related injuries.

Here at Craig Swapps & Associates we take pride in helping those who have been involved in these type of accidents. We are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to assist you. Our Riverton Personal Injury Lawyer has years of experience helping people who are similar to you. Give us a call today at 800-404-9000 to see if you have case.

A settlement in your accident can assist you with outrageous medical bills and expenses that occur after the injury. We are here to make sure you have the right people by your side during this time.

Car Accident Lawyer in Riverton Utah

It can be a very traumatic experience being involved in a car accident. In the State of Utah, trends show that speeding is the leading contributing factor in deaths in regards to traffic accidents, claiming approximately 34%. Hundreds of accidents happen every day leaving some injured and clueless on the next step to take.

Don’t let this be you. Craig Swapps & Associates have knowledgeable attorneys who assist people every day in getting every penny they deserve after such devastating situations. If you have been injured in a car accident call us now at 800-404-9000 see your options.

Therapy sessions, hospital bills and auto repair cost add up after the accident. Let us assist you in getting a settlement to help alleviate those cost. We will be there step by step through the process after your recovery.

Truck Wreck Lawyer in Riverton Utah

Trucks carry over nine billion tons of freight and weigh a significant amount. That’s why when they are involved in a wreck, they can cause a lot of damage and serious injuries. These types of 18 Wheeler accidents are a growing public health issue that we face today.

The insurance for the truck companies are notorious for trying to make settlements after these accidents that are not fair. It is very important to consult an attorney after being involved in a wreck. That’s what we are here for at Craig Swapps & Associates.

We are available Monday through Friday. One call that’s all, if you are in the Riverton, Utah area and have been injured because of a semi truck. You may be entitled for a settlement to help you with any cost for your medical expenses because of your accident. We have the knowledge and years of experience to help you get all that you deserve.

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