Don’t let yourself be stuck with the bills for an auto wreck you didn’t cause. Ask a Redmond car crash lawyer how to recover the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Most Redmond residents need their cars to get to work, school, or the store every day. When we’re struck by another driver, it can come as a major shock. You’ve been driving for so long, and all it takes is one mistake by someone else to land you in the hospital with endless expenses.  

This isn’t easy to get through alone. You’re suffering, and you might not know what a car crash claim should look like, which could lead to big mistakes. Don’t let your case be dismissed for something that could have been fixed. Instead, contact a Redmond car accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates for help.

Auto Wreck Damages

Unfortunately, car crashes can be uniquely painful. If you’ve been injured in a wreck, you and the other driver might have been moving at high speeds, which might mean rollovers, fires, and other dangerous situations.

A Redmond auto accident attorney will be helpful with calculating your damages. Deciding what to ask for in your injury claim is not easy without the right tools. Fortunately, we can make sure both your economic and non-economic damages are covered. Your suffering doesn’t end at your bills—your non-economic damages like mental and physical pain should be financially accounted for, as well.

If you’re not sure which damages to include, take a look at the list of common car crash damages below:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Mental trauma
  • Household services  

Laws That Will Affect Your Redmond Car Crash Case

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll also need to defend your claim for compensation. The insurance company may not want to pay out on your claim, and the defendant will fight back, too. You’ll also need to consider the general laws that could easily throw a wrench in your case.

For example, acting in time is vital. Washington residents have three years to file their auto wreck claims before they lose their chance to file. Miss the deadline, and you’ll be barred from recovery, leaving you to pay for your losses.

You’ll also need to consider your own part in your Redmond car accident. It’s best not to admit fault as much as possible because the other side can use this against you in court. And you’ll need to fight back against accusations of fault because, if you’re found to hold any percentage of the blame, your compensation will be reduced by that amount.

Call a Redmond Car Accident Attorney

It’s tough to fight for yourself and your car crash claim. You’re already dealing with such a traumatic and painful experience, and now you have a lawsuit to deal with. Fortunately, a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can offer an understanding approach and aggressive representation when you’re in need of compensation.

Fighting back alone means you’re at risk of losing some of the compensation you desperately need, so speak with a Redmond car accident lawyer today for help. Don’t miss out on your chance for a free consultation with our attorneys. Get started by giving us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or completing the form below.

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