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Pullman Car Accident Lawyer

moses lake car accident lawyerPullman, Washington is the most populated city in Whitman County, with nearly 30,000 people residing here. This many people in a single area can lead to heavy traffic, and where there is traffic, there is always a risk of being in an auto accident.

Few things are as scary – and as life changing- as being in a car accident. Anyone that has experienced such an event can tell you, it’ll shake you up! It is not unusual for car accident victims to feel disoriented afterward. We would like to prepare you for the worst, by reminding you what actions to take after a wreck happens to you.

Trade information with the other party involved, including names, phone numbers, insurance companies and policy number.

Call for emergency assistance, if required. A police report should be made. You are under no obligation to make a statement to anyone else.

Never admit to being at fault. That is not a decision for you to make, and it’s best that the police make that call.

Seek medical attention. Even if you do not feel pain or see injuries, they may appear several days later, and you’ll want to have a full record of any diagnoses.

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