It’s not easy to get financial justice after you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident. To get the help you need, contact a Pullman motorcycle crash lawyer.

The freedom of two wheels hitting the road provides a feeling that many can’t replace, which further highlights the tragedy of getting into a serious motorcycle accident.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists remain more susceptible to catastrophic injury than most drivers, even as safety features have advanced. An accident can put a rider out of commission for months or even years, which is nothing to downplay.

If you’ve been the victim of a serious motorcycle accident, there may be a long road ahead, but there’s still hope. To help increase your chances of receiving fair compensation, contact a Pullman motorcycle accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates today.

Perceptions May Play to Your Disadvantage

Bikers have long been unfairly accused of being both dangerous and reckless on the road. Despite that stereotype, countless motorcyclists operate their bikes in a safe and cautious manner but are still hit by other motorists.

Often, insurers, who have a vested interest in paying out as little as they possibly can, use these false perceptions against bikers, arguing that they’re justification for giving accident victims little compensation.

Insurers will use these types of tactics to try to place the blame for your Pullman motorcycle accident on you.

But escaping partial liability is vitally important in the state of Washington because of a standard called contributory negligence. Contributory negligence allows multiple parties to be at fault in a given accident, which can hurt you if you’re found to hold any responsibility for your crash.

Whatever damages you could have received would be reduced proportionally to the amount of fault you are deemed to have. For example, a motorcyclist who is deemed 20 percent responsible for the wreck would receive 20 percent less in damages.

Pullman Motorcycle Accidents and Bodily Harm

Victims of motorcycle accidents often suffer a world of pain, sustaining multiple injuries that could put their lives at risk.

Common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) like contusions and concussions
  • Back or spine injuries, including paralysis
  • Damage to the face or eyes
  • Broken bones
  • Amputations and lost limbs
  • Scrapes, lesions, and bruises
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Death

Understanding Your Compensation

Whether pursuing compensation for yourself or a loved one, you will want to account for all harm related to the Pullman motorcycle accident in question. That includes damages in the past, present, and future.

Potential losses that you could identify in your case—and receive compensation for—include medical expenses, lost wages or earning potential, repair or replacement of your motorcycle, lifestyle adjustments deemed necessary, and reduced quality of life, among others.

Get in Touch with a Pullman Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether you were hit head-on or hurt in a more minor motorcycle accident, it’s critical to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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