Car crashes are frightening, and in the aftermath of an accident, you might find yourself seeking any evidence you can that you weren’t at fault. In many cases, a police report can help, but how do you get one?

If you were injured in a crash and you need help, call a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to talk about how to get a car accident police report. Our attorneys can guide you through the process, and if you’re struggling to get your report yourself, we’ll get the report for you. You’ll need all available evidence for a successful claim for compensation, and we can use your accident report to your benefit.  

Steps to Getting Your Accident Report

Getting your accident report should be easy. While these accident reports are usually kept from public records until a certain amount of time has passed, the people involved with the crash can get these records for their own use.

If you need to get your car accident police report, follow these steps:  

  • Contact the law enforcement agency that investigated your accident.
  • Fill out the record request forms.
  • Pay any fees required for the report.

You may be able to do this online and save yourself the time and trouble of getting your report in person. No matter what method is most convenient to you, getting your accident report should be simple if you know where to turn.

Having Trouble with Your Report?

There are plenty of reasons, however, that this wouldn’t be so easy for you. Maybe you’re still at the hospital receiving treatment. Maybe you’re unable to secure transportation to get your accident report. Fortunately, you don’t have to just go without your papers.

Our lawyers are willing to get your police report when you’re unable to do it yourself. With information about you and your accident, your lawyer can represent you and prove the other driver was at fault in your claim for compensation.  

An Attorney Will Help

Knowing how to get a car accident police report is often one of the first barriers between you and the compensation you deserve for your injuries. While the process is simple, many people don’t understand how important this evidence can be and may not know how to get the report.

Fortunately, Craig Swapp & Associates can help. We’ll get your accident report to get you on the way to fair compensation. We’ll even get started with a free consultation about your claim and what we’ll do to make it a success. Just give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the form below.

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