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Pasco Truck Accident Attorney

Being involved in an accident with a big truck, such as a semi, tractor trailer, or 18 wheeler, is a scary risk that we all take by getting on the road. They’re seemingly on every corner, and tend to own the road with their large size and weight. In fact, that is exactly what makes them so dangerous. The weight of one of these trucks is several times more than what a regular car is, giving the truck the ability to crush a smaller vehicle in seconds. Construction trucks and other vehicles fall into this same category, and normal cars simple cannot compete.

Pasco truck accident attorney

Rely On Our Pasco Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you most likely are suffering from injuries that are serious or even life threatening. Those medical bills are not going to pay themselves, and you should not be the one held responsible if you were not to blame for the wreck. The law is on your side, and allows you to be compensation to cover the medical bills and other expenses that you have incurred from the accident. The blame could land on a number of people involved, depending on the details of the wreck. It may be the truck driver, or his company, or whoever packed the truck, or a number of other parties. When the fault is not yours, we can help you get down to the bottom of who should cover your expenses and make sure they are held legally responsible.

We have a Pasco truck accident lawyer that is ready to hear about your 18 wheeler crash, and would like to assist you through the process of making a claim. You can reach an attorney in Pasco by calling us directly or chatting online at any hour of the day! If the pain, stress, or trauma is keeping you awake, our attorneys are here for you and ready to listen. Reach out to us now for free.