Don’t let an insurance company get away with blaming you for your motorcycle collision. Find out how to handle your case by consulting with an Orem motorcycle accident lawyer.

Because motorcycle wrecks often result in catastrophic injuries for bikers, they also tend to require a great deal of money to recover from. The necessary medical care and other damages combined with lost income from being unable to work can strain anyone’s finances. And that doesn’t even touch on the emotional trauma that these collisions often cause.

The good news is that you should be able to expect compensation from the insurance company to help you pay for all of this. The bad news is that the insurer is unlikely to be interested in paying you more than they absolutely have to. By working with an Orem motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates, you can get the funds you need from the insurance, while being able to focus on your recovery without having to worry about dealing with an insurance adjuster.

Motorbike Crash Injuries and Their Effect on Compensation

The injuries you sustained in the wreck will have the greatest impact on the amount of compensation that you are entitled to. The insurance company will likely try to get you to settle your claim quickly—before you can find out what the cost of the necessary medical care will be.

Your Orem motorcycle accident lawyer will have experience litigating claims for a number of different injury types. We can make certain that you get the funds you need to make the fullest recovery possible:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) – Brain damage can greatly impair your mental and cognitive abilities, requiring surgeries, medication, and a great deal of therapy to get you back to where you need to be.
  • Spinal Damage – From chronic pain to full paralysis, if your motorcycle crash caused a back injury, you might need surgeries, mobility equipment, and home renovations to make your house handicap accessible.
  • Broken Bones – While some bone injuries will heal with time and a cast or brace, others might require surgically installed plates and pins.
  • Amputations – Because motorcyclists often extend a limb to brace for impact, amputations are seen more often in these wrecks. Prosthetics and emotional and physical therapy are certain to be necessary.

Negotiating with Insurance After a Motorcycle Wreck

Once fault has been established and your claim has been valued, the next step of your personal injury claim will be demanding compensation from the insurance company. The stronger your case, the more likely they are to settle out of court.

Trial will only become necessary if they refuse to make a reasonable offer. Even if court does become your best course of action, we’ll represent you throughout the legal process and make certain that you get the best verdict possible.

Consult with an Orem Motorcycle Crash Attorney

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