After getting hurt in a motorcycle wreck, you need to know the best way to handle your case so that you can get the most compensation possible. Find out what your claim could be worth by speaking with a Nampa motorcycle accident lawyer.

From amputations to paralyzing spinal damage, the injuries that result from motorcycle crashes can permanently change the course of your life. What’s worse is that even if you weren’t at fault for causing the collision, you can expect the insurance company to attempt to portray you as a “careless motorcycle rider” so that they can pin the blame on you and reduce what they’ll have to pay you.

This is an unfortunate occurrence, but it happens all too often to the victims of motorbike wrecks. In order to beat this tactic, you’ll need the strongest case possible to prove that you weren’t at fault for what happened, and that’s exactly what a Nampa motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can provide you with.


Proving Who Was at Fault for a Motorcycle Crash

Investigating your motorcycle wreck will begin with the type of crash that you were injured in. While motorcyclists have a popular stereotype working against them, the truth is that a large number of these collisions are caused by other drivers and external factors:

  • Left-Turn Collisions – Many drivers of commercial and passenger vehicles fail to notice the smaller profile of motorbikes, leading them to turn into a motorcyclist’s path or change lanes into one.
  • Rear-End Collisions – Sometimes the small size of a motorcycle causes distracted and intoxicated drivers to misjudge how close they are to the biker, leading to a rear-end accident at a stop sign or traffic light.
  • Single-Vehicle Accidents – Even if your bike was the only vehicle involved in the crash, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you were at fault. Dangerous road conditions such as potholes and steep shoulder drop-offs are particularly dangerous to motorcycles and could implicate the entity responsible for road maintenance.


Negotiating a Settlement for a Motorbike Collision

As mentioned, insurers will do everything they can to avoid paying you any more than the bare minimum. Sometimes this takes the form of a lowball settlement, while at other times they simply deny responsibility and say that you were at fault for the collision.

Your Nampa motorcycle accident lawyer will have in-depth experience exposing these tactics for what they are. Lowball settlements are easily avoided by working with your doctor to perform a full assessment of your expected medical needs and determine what the negative impact to your quality of life will be.

Similarly, by building a compelling case backed by facts and evidence, we can make it clear that the other parties were at fault. In fact, it’s for exactly this reason that the majority of our cases settle out of court without trial ever being necessary.


Get Help from a Nampa Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get the most compensation possible for your motorbike wreck. We make it a priority to get our clients the settlement they need to pay for their recovery, and we won’t be satisfied until you get the best resolution available for your personal injury claim.

We offer all new clients a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss their case in detail with a Nampa motorcycle accident lawyer. This means that there’s no risk involved in exploring your options for compensation, so give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the contact form below.