Helmets and protective gear are meant to shield a motorcyclist in an accident, but no amount of protection can stop all injuries, especially not at high speeds. Motorcycle deaths accounted for 13 percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths in 2014, with 92,000 motorcyclists suffering injuries. One all-too-common result is nerve damage, which can cause anything from mild loss of feeling to quadriplegia.

A Salt Lake City motorcycle accident nerve damage lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you seek compensation not only for your accident-related nerve damage, but also for the expenses and emotional damages that it has incurred. If someone else caused your motorcycle accident, we’ll fight for the compensation you are owed.


Common Types of Motorcycle Crash Nerve Damage

When the body receives violent blows or compression injuries during a motorcycle accident, the nerves can be severed or crushed. Even if nerve damage doesn’t result right away, swelling can cause permanent damage after the crash, leaving the victim with loss of feeling, chronic pain, or paralysis.

If the injury affects the spine, the damage can be profound. The spine is fully one-half of the central nervous system. Depending on the location of the injury, paraplegia (paralysis of both legs) or quadriplegia (paralysis of both arms and both legs) can result. Many spine injuries require surgery and extended hospital recuperation time. Lifelong medical care may even be required.


What Is Biker’s Arm?

Since many motorcycles roll or tip, the arm often bears the brunt of a crash. Biker’s arm represents anything from local loss of feeling to full-on paralysis. This can be caused by damage to the brachial plexus, a nerve bundle in the shoulder.


Hand Damage After a Motorcycle Wreck

If the ulnar nerve is damaged, feeling in the fingers can diminish, or discomfort such as pain, burning, and numbness can occur. Discomfort can become so severe that it warrants corticosteroid shots.

This type of nerve damage can ruin many careers and pastimes. We rely on our hands to perform so many tasks, that anything that affects their use can greatly diminish your quality of life—something that absolutely needs to be taken into account in your settlement.


Motorcycle Accident Nerve Damage Treatments

There are many treatment options to lessen your discomfort and restore feeling after experiencing nerve damage sustained in a motorcycle crash:

Surgical options include nerve transfer, graft, neurolysis and nerve release, nerve reconstruction, muscle and tendon transfers, fusion, and dorsal root entry zone procedures.

Nonsurgical options include medication, acupuncture, massage therapy, orthotics, and physical therapy.

Many of these procedures need to be done in the months immediately following your accident. If you delay because you aren’t sure you can afford these procedures or worry that the insurance company won’t pay, you may miss your window of opportunity. A Salt Lake City motorcycle accident nerve damage lawyer from our office can talk to you about these issues.


Nerve Damage Expenses

In looking forward to your recovery, you need to anticipate all the things you’ll need to adapt to your new physical challenges. There will likely be unforeseen medical expenses that might arise from your initial injuries or from the resulting lack of sensation. You may need physical and occupational rehabilitation therapy or mobility equipment such as a wheelchair or walker, as well as rails, ramps and other home medical equipment.

The expenses necessitated by nerve damage can add up to quite the bill. Fortunately, we can help you seek the compensation that will enable your recovery. If your health requires it, you should receive it—but you shouldn’t be the one paying for it when someone else was to blame.


Consult a Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Nerve Damage Lawyer

If an accident was not your fault, you deserve payment for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, repair bills, and more. One of our lawyers can fight with the insurance company to make sure you are not taken advantage of with modest settlement offers.

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