Motorcycles are the most dangerous motor vehicles to be on during an accident thanks to their size, precarious balancing act, and lack of both internal and external protection. Motorcycle accidents caused $66 billion in societal harm and $12.9 billion in economic effects in 2010.

If you were in a motorcycle accident that left you with a number of injuries, a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident multiple injuries lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you seek compensation for your accident-related expenses from those at fault for your crash.


Common Utah Motorcycle Crash Multiple Injuries

Biker injuries are more severe than those of other drivers in similar accidents, and riders often suffer multiple injuries with long-term consequences:

  • Road rash can vary from a bad scrape to the need for a skin graft.
  • Lower body motorcycle injuries are common due to tipping and flipping, because the bike often lands on the rider, crushing his or her lower limbs and possibly causing an amputation.
  • Soft-tissue injuries, including whiplash, shoulder pain, and impingement syndrome, can result in long-term pain and reduced mobility. These injuries should not be undervalued in insurance claims.
  • Head injuries are very common, especially for those who don’t wear helmets. In Utah, helmet use is only mandated for riders under eighteen, but helmets drastically reduce fatalities by 42 percent and lessen head injuries. Brain trauma is, unfortunately, quite common in motorcycle wrecks and can drastically compromise quality of life.
  • Biker’s arm is damage to the ulnar, radial, or median nerve that can leave your arm numb or paralyzed.


What if More Than One Person Was Injured in My Crash?

Insurance companies may have maximum amounts they will pay. They may also unfairly reduce your award and give someone else more. One of our attorneys can inform you of your options for seeking reimbursement when the insurance companies become difficult to work with.

Sometimes a settlement can be negotiated out of court, while other times filing a lawsuit and going to court becomes necessary. Either way, we can represent you throughout the process and safeguard your best interests.


What Is My Case Worth?

Multiple injuries often mean multiple insurance claims and possible litigation if insurance coverage is inadequate. Acquiring compensation can be tricky if the other motorist is either uninsured or underinsured. Each case is different, however, and you can always rely on us to advise of what your next step should be.

Don’t hurt your own case. Don’t post details of the accident on social media, and always speak with an attorney before ever speaking with an insurance adjuster. You may inadvertently reveal too much and provide them with ammunition that could be used against you later.

To get what you deserve, working with one of our experienced attorneys is always your best option, so that we can ensure that all of your accident-related expenses are fully accounted for in your settlement. Don’t forget that delayed injuries may develop and your current symptoms may worsen over time. Don’t let anyone cheat you out of the lasting care you deserve.


Call a Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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