If you’re a motorcycle driver who was recently involved in a collision, you’re likely dreading having to deal with the insurance company. Of course, it’s a standard part of filing a claim and getting the compensation you deserve.

But after a few interactions with the insurer, you may be wondering whether all motorcyclists get treated unfairly by insurance companies—or is it just you?

It’s not just you. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many of our clients at Craig Swapp & Associates—it’s often the reason they come to us. Below, we go over what you should expect so you can ensure your rights are protected as you seek compensation for your injuries.

The Truth About Motorcyclists and Insurers

Many victims like you expect at least a little pushback from insurers when they go to file a claim. Of course, insurers are for-profit enterprises, so they’re going to try to protect their profits. But some motorcycle crash victims may be shocked to find that insurers utilize some less-than-moral techniques to achieve this goal.

Often, insurers will try to rely on inaccurate stereotypes about motorcycle drivers being reckless or negligent. They may try to impose this bias on you to mitigate their responsibility for providing compensation.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If you aren’t familiar with these types of tactics and the steps involved in negotiating motorcycle accident claims, you may fall prey to the insurance companies’ methods. Luckily, our lawyers can ensure this doesn’t happen.

We’re used to insurers trying to get away with using these inaccurate “reckless biker” stereotypes, and we will utilize smart and effective negotiation tactics to ensure they aren’t successful.

Call a Utah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In far too many cases, motorcyclists get treated unfairly by insurance companies. That’s why you may want to enlist the services of a qualified lawyer to protect your rights. Our team at Craig Swapp & Associates is here to assist.

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