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You deserve justice and compensation for any accident involving a negligent driver. A Salt Lake City motorcycle wreck attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get what you need to put this crash behind you.

Motorcycle crashes cause some of the most serious injuries of all motor vehicle collisions, often resulting in permanent scarring and disability. Many motorists don’t realize just how vulnerable motorcycle riders are on the roadways. They engage in reckless and distracted driving behaviors, putting motorcyclists at risk.

When you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash because of a driver who put you in danger, you should be compensated for your injuries. Hiring a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm is a good way to help make sure dangerous drivers pay for their mistakes. We’ll get you the compensation you need to move forward.

Factors That Lead to Motorcycle Collisions

Everyone is aware that riding a motorcycle comes with some risk. Your body is exposed, so when a collision occurs, the damage is likely going to be severe. And many motorcycle accidents aren’t caused by the motorcyclist. Rather, other drivers and external factors out of the motorcyclist’s control often cause crashes.

When you’re injured because of someone else’s negligence, the negligent party should be held accountable. Many factors can come into play and cause an accident, and it’s not just because of a reckless driver (although that is often the case). Let’s take a look at some of the more common factors that lead to motorcycle crashes:

  • Dangerous Road Conditions – Government agencies are in charge of road maintenance. If a Salt Lake City agency failed to properly maintain the road, and that failure caused your motorcycle collision, the agency could be held responsible.
  • Failure to Yield – Many motorcycle collisions are due to a distracted driver’s failure to yield. If that driver’s negligence caused your crash, you can be compensated.
  • Distracted Driving – Many drivers do not pay attention, which puts motorcyclists at serious risk. If it can be proven that distracted driving played a role in your crash, the distracted driver should be made to pay for his or her carelessness.
  • Poor Mechanical Work – Mechanics sometimes cut corners, making your bike or another driver’s vehicle unsafe to drive. If it’s proven that a mechanic failed to properly maintain your vehicle, you might be able to pursue compensation.
  • Reckless or Drunk Driving – Speeding and drunk driving are leading causes of motorcycle collisions in Salt Lake City and are two of the most preventable factors that contribute to crashes. These drivers must be held accountable for their dangerous decisions.
  • Faulty Parts Sometimes, a manufacturer fails to make quality parts or doesn’t install them properly, causing a wreck. When this happens, you can seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Determining Liability for Your Salt Lake City Motorcycle Collision

Now you understand what could have caused your crash, but how do you figure out what did and who’s liable? You (or your attorney) will need to investigate your motorcycle wreck fully to decipher what went wrong, causing your crash and related injuries. Once the cause is determined, it should be easy to figure out who’s responsible.

Investigation is not an easy process, though. It’s even more difficult for you to attempt to find out what happened on your own while dealing with pain and mobility issues from your injuries. A lawyer can assist you with this step so that you can focus on recovering from your accident-related injuries.

Gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses in an effort to put together a personal injury case is what your lawyer does. Below is a list of some of the types of evidence your attorney could use to prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve for a Salt Lake City motorcycle crash you didn’t cause.

  • Witness statements
  • Medical evidence of your injuries and your medical history
  • Crash scene expert reports and testimony
  • Police and crash reports
  • Medical expert testimony
  • Recall reports
  • Physical evidence
  • Photo and video evidence
  • Documentation of your injuries and losses

Does Your Injury Affect Your Salt Lake City Motorcycle Crash Compensation?

When you’re involved in a motorcycle crash, your injuries are likely to be serious, as motorcycle accidents are among the most serious vehicle crash types of them all. The lack of protection between you and another vehicle could mean catastrophic injury for you. When your injuries are serious, your damages are likely to be serious as well.

Some injuries may even lead to permanent injury, which can actually affect you for life. For instance, if you receive a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to your motorcycle crash, you may never be able to return to work again because of cognitive issues. Or, you may be so seriously injured that you become partially paralyzed.

These extremely serious injuries mean that you need more compensation in order to live your life. For that reason, your injury can affect what types of compensation you’re eligible to receive.

Your Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorney can help you to calculate the damages caused by your injuries so that you’re able to move past this accident and on with your life. See below for a list of serious injuries and how they can impact you, showing a need for higher compensation for motorcycle accident victims.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries Injuries to the spine can range from minor to very serious, with the most serious injuries causing partial or total paralysis. When you’ve sustained a spinal injury, this could change your life. You could be in a wheelchair, require caregiving services, or never be able to work again. You deserve compensation for this.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries Head injuries can range from a mild concussion to severe brain damage. Brain damage can cause you cognitive problems such as memory loss, mood changes, difficulty processing or retaining information, personality changes, and issues with balance and coordination.
  • Loss of Limb The loss of a limb is an extremely traumatic injury causing incredible pain and mental anguish. This injury could require months or years of physical therapy and mental health treatment. You may need a mobility aid and in some cases you may be unable to work the job you once did.
  • Internal Injuries Like Organ Damage – Some internal injuries can be life threatening, and even if you survived the injuries, your health could be forever altered. Compensation can help you to deal with diminished health and a big lifestyle change after receiving an injury of this magnitude.
  • Broken Bones Many people don’t realize how serious broken bone injuries can be, but they can change the course of your life. The more serious your broken bone injury, the more it will affect you. In some cases, your injury may not heal properly, leading to mobility problems for the rest of your life.
  • Severe Burn Injuries Not only are burn injuries extremely painful, but they are very serious injuries. They can destroy nerves and tissue, and they can lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement. For some, burn injuries can lead to issues with self-confidence down the road.

You should be compensated for these serious injuries and the financial and nonfinancial ways they have affected your life. When you didn’t cause the crash that has shattered your world, the least you are owed is monetary compensation to get your life back in order.

Insurers Give Motorcyclists a Hard Time

You purchased motorcycle insurance like you’re supposed to, and your insurance company happily takes your money each month, but when you go to use the coverage you’ve been paying for for years, the insurance company suddenly treats you like you’re an enemy.

Suddenly, the insurer shows up—guns blazing—to attack you. Insurers will pepper you with questions about the accident and challenge your claim (or try to lower the value of your claim), denying that various medical treatments are necessary. If there’s a dirty trick they can play to reduce your compensation, they’ll do it.

If you thought the insurance company was on your side, think again. Insurers care only for their own profit margins, and when they learn that you have been seriously injured, they quickly try to minimize your injuries and sometimes even try to blame you, saying you must be the stereotypical “reckless motorcyclist.”

Is any of this fair? Of course not. So don’t even bother talking to them. They will only try to twist your words or place blame on you. Your motorcycle crash attorney in Salt Lake City can deal with them so they can’t use any of these sneaky tactics on you.

Recovering Compensation for Motorcycle Wrecks in Salt Lake City

Collisions involving a motorcycle will almost always leave the motorcyclist with serious injuries—even in the best of circumstances. Injuries will lead to many types of damages, including both financial losses and emotional damages.

Your accident could have you drowning in medical debt, missing out on work, and suffering from emotional trauma. When your motorcycle crash was caused by a reckless or negligent driver, it’s not fair for you to have to pay for these expenses. You’ve already suffered physically and mentally—you shouldn’t have to endure financial suffering, too.

Depending on the details of your unique case, the following are some of the damages a Salt Lake City motorcycle injury attorney from our office can list in your claim:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish
  • Missed wages
  • Medical bills
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Dismemberment or disfigurement

Work with a Salt Lake City Motorcycle Collision Attorney

Your motorcycle crash has likely impacted your life in an extremely negative way. Although we can’t reverse time and erase what’s happened to you, we can help you get fair compensation so you can move forward with your life. Get in touch with an attorney at Craig Swapp & Associates today.

We’ll review your case for free during an initial consultation. One call, that’s all—that’s all you need to do to have your injury claim filed and be on the way to receiving compensation to pay for all the damages you’ve suffered. You can reach a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer via our contact form below or at 1-800-404-9000.

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Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Which medical bills can I add to my personal injury claim?

You can add all accident-related medical bills to your Salt Lake City motorcycle crash claim. This can include hospital bills, medications, physical therapy costs, the cost of prosthetics, and even medical insurance co-pays. These are all expenses brought about by the crash, and you can be compensated for them.



How long does a motorcycle accident claim take to be resolved?

That can vary with each case. Some cases are very complicated and will take a lot more time to investigate and determine fault. Then it takes time to gather the ongoing medical treatment documentation. Some cases are resolved in a few short months, and some can drag out for a year or two. A lawyer will usually help speed up the process.

Will I have to go to court and testify?

In many cases, you won’t have to go to court. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance companies to get you a fair settlement. Your attorney can also file all court papers for you, so you may never have to enter the courtroom. However, if the insurer is being difficult and won’t make a fair offer, then yes—into court we go.

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