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Moscow Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accidents: The Facts

Did you know: Even though only about 3 percent of vehicles on the road are semi trucks, somewhere between 10 – 20 percent of all crashes involve them! In addition, these truck accidents tend to be extremely dangerous, killing at least one person in over 95% of occurrences. However, something important to remember is that the truck itself has little power without the humans that are behind the machine, and we are not just talking about the truck drivers. Their bosses, the mechanics, whoever loads the truck, everyone in or near the truck may all end up playing a part in a wreck. In fact, it turns out that an estimated 90 percent of all accidents that involve a commercial truck are due to a human error in one way or another.

When To Hire Our Moscow Truck Accident Lawyer

When the fault was not yours, the bills should not be either. The law protects victims like you by allowing them a certain amount of compensation to help cover medical bills and living expenses throughout your recovery. However, it is usually not a simple task to receive that money. That’s where our Moscow truck accident lawyer can help. An attorney gets the facts, backs up your side of the story, and fights for your rights.

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