Has a negligent trucker left you injured and struggling to return to a normal life? Speak to a Moscow truck crash lawyer for help winning the compensation you deserve.

As convenient as semi-trucks can be for many businesses, sharing the road with these massive vehicles can be nerve-wracking. While truck drivers do have certain regulations to follow, they may be given incentives for earlier arrivals, meaning more distracted and sleepy truckers on the road.

When these drivers don’t take proper care, it could be you who pays the price. Semi-truck and 18-wheeler crashes can be lethal, and your injuries may be especially difficult to overcome.

Having a Moscow truck accident lawyer on your side can make a difference as you seek fair compensation. At Craig Swapp & Associates, it’s our priority to ensure that you’re fairly compensated for your damages.

Determining Fault in Moscow Truck Accidents

When you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Moscow, it’s important to remember that you might have to look beyond the truck driver to find the truly at-fault party who should compensate you for your injuries.

In many cases, employers are the ones responsible for their employees’ actions while they’re at work. The trucker is acting on behalf of the company as he or she drives, which might pass at least some of the liability for your crash on to the trucking company.

You’ll need to carefully consider who your defendant is before you enter the courtroom or settlement negotiations. You’ll need to determine the company the truck driver works for, his or her employer’s name, and many other bits of information.

Of course, doing this can be complicated in general and especially difficult when you’re injured. That’s why a lawyer can be invaluable during this time. We have the tools to help you succeed.

Getting a Settlement

Once you’ve settled the matter of who is responsible for your injuries, you’ll also need to determine how much compensation the at-fault party is responsible for. Your settlement should include any damages you suffered because of your Moscow truck accident, from the financial to the emotional.

After all, not all of your suffering is economic. While a semi-truck can destroy a car and leave you in critical condition, you’ve also likely suffered severe mental trauma, and this should be addressed in your claim.

It’s not always easy to calculate intangible damages, but a lawyer will have the tools to calculate this figure fairly. If you’ve suffered because of a truck accident, consider some of the following damages as you prepare your claim:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Call a Moscow Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents can be devastating, and the resulting personal injury lawsuits can be complex and difficult for victims. When you’re struggling with one of these cases, don’t hesitate to get help. An experienced lawyer at our firm can get you on the right track to the full compensation you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact Craig Swapp & Associates. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Moscow truck accident lawyer, give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or reach out through our online contact form below.

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