Make sure the settlement you receive accounts for everything you’ve suffered through due to your accident by working with a Millcreek personal injury lawyer.

If you’ve recently been through an injury-causing accident, you’re probably wondering what to do next. The medical bills are likely rolling in, you might not be able to work, and you’re probably in an enormous amount of pain, possibly even traumatized.

If someone else was responsible for what you’ve been through, you do have options available for recourse. Seeking compensation can be a long road to travel, however, and it’s not one that you want to go down alone. A Millcreek personal injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can be your greatest asset for getting what you’re owed from those responsible and ensuring that they don’t deflect blame in your direction.


What Qualifies for a Personal Injury Claim?

While there are a few exceptions, nearly any accident that leaves you injured due to someone else’s carelessness might qualify for compensation. The key lies in identifying who is at fault and collecting the evidence to prove it. With a strong case, you can negotiate from a position of strength and increase your odds of collecting damages.

These are just a few of the case types that a Millcreek personal injury lawyer from our firm will be able to help you develop a case for:

  • Traffic Crashes – From car crashes to semi-truck wrecks, flipped motorcycles to bus accidents, any number of things can go wrong on the road. The negligence of another driver, a passenger, a parts manufacturer, a road crew, and even a government agency could all leave you injured.
  • Premises Liability – While slip-and-falls and dog attacks are the most common examples of these accidents, any property hazard left unaddressed by the owner could lead to an injury.
  • Construction and Workplace Injuries – Many injured workers mistakenly think that the only option available to them is workers comp; however, if a third party, malice, or willful negligence were involved, there might be other options.
  • Product Liability – It’s no secret that many big corporations value profits above all else. Sometimes this leads to the sale of dangerous, defective products, which means you have grounds for a claim.


Get Compensated for Your Catastrophic Injury Losses

A serious injury can leave you with all kinds of damages, some financial and some affecting your quality of life. All of these should be considered when assessing the value of your claim. By working with a Millcreek personal injury lawyer, you’ll be able to ensure that everything that should be factored into your claim does actually get accounted for:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and income
  • Caretaker and transportation expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost enjoyment of life


Connect with a Millcreek Serious Injury Lawyer

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