When you’re left with a catastrophic injury because of the negligence of another, you might be entitled to financial compensation. Find out by consulting with a Logan personal injury lawyer.

Getting into an accident of any sort can be incredibly traumatic, especially if you suffered a serious injury. Many accident victims are unaware of what their legal options are afterward and are unsure of how to pay for the resulting medical bills and other losses. If you are in this situation, call Craig Swapp & Associates to speak with an experienced Logan personal injury lawyer.

We represent all types of accident victims and can review your case for free.

Proving Fault for an Injury

You can’t file a personal injury lawsuit without first identifying who caused the accident. Your Logan personal injury lawyer will review what happened, identify the negligent parties, and gather evidence to prove their liability.

This is done through the discovery process, which often includes reviewing pictures and videos, speaking with witnesses, reviewing accident reports, and conducting depositions to ask the other party questions under oath.

Once evidence has been gathered, we can begin negotiating on your behalf and may reach a settlement before going to trial.

Financial Compensation for Your Losses

Working with a Logan personal injury lawyer will allow you to recover the full value of your injury claim. Our firm knows what the industry standards are and can tell a lowball offer from a fair one.

Without an attorney on your side, you risk getting taken advantage of by an insurance company, who will likely only offer compensation for your most obvious losses, such as medical bills and lost income, while overlooking your future needs and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

If negligence was involved in your accident, we’ll be able to help you recover the full compensation you deserve. A Logan personal injury lawyer from our firm can assist you if you were injured in any of these types of accidents:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – Perhaps the most common, car and motorcycle accident victims often need an attorney because the negligent party doesn’t want to admit fault. The insurance company will likely do everything they can to avoid financial liability.
  • Product Liability Cases – If a product caught fire, was dangerous, or caused you harm through normal and intended use, you can hold the manufacturer accountable.
  • Premises Liability – Getting hurt on a property other than your own due to an unaddressed hazard there could entitle you to compensation if the property owner was aware of the problem, had time to fix it, and failed to do so.
  • Boating Accidents – Getting out on the water is fun, but if the operator of a boat was negligent and caused an accident, you can seek compensation from him or her just as you could from the driver of a car or truck.
  • Workplace Accidents – Whether you work in a factory, in an office, or at a construction site, if your on-the-job injury was caused by willful negligence, malice, or a third party outside of your employer, you might have grounds for a personal injury claim.


Get Help from a Logan Injury Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, call Craig Swapp & Associates. We can review your case, discuss your legal options, and determine what your case might be worth.

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