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Were you hurt by a careless act? Were you injured and now swimming in medical debt from it? There is a solution. The law protects victims of negligence like you, and our Kuna personal injury lawyer is ready to fight for your rights! You may be entitled to a substantial amount of money based on the injuries you suffered and the medical bills that you have incurred. Contact our office for more details on what you might be owed.

The Process of a Personal Injury Claim

When our attorneys in Kuna, Idaho initially hear of a potential personal injury case, they get the ball rolling on a complete investigation of the details. They find out exactly how and why the accident happened, look for signs of proof, find out about the injuries that were sustained in the accident and how much it all is costing you. This part of the process is sometimes referred to as the “discovery”. The discovery is a vital stage in any case, as it clarifies most of questions that may arise and also helps snub any insurance companies that try to doubt your side of the story.

Keep in mind that in most personal injury cases, you are not suing an actual person. It is their insurance company that will most likely be held responsible for the damage that their insured caused. What makes this difficult is that they tend to look for any way out of paying you. You may be wondering how an established company gets away with such antics. Well, they look for signs of weakness in your case and call them out in order to give the impression that you are either at fault or not as injured as you claim to be. Keep your case solid by hiring a Kuna personal injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.

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The lawyers all have been very helpful.Once a month they would call to let me know any new information, I felt they are working for me. I will tell people about Craig Swapp . Thank you.

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