Seeking compensation after a car accident is no simple task. But you can simplify the process by allowing a Kent car crash lawyer to handle your claim.

As a driver, you’re likely aware of the risks you face when you get on the road. But even when you have that knowledge, a crash can still catch you off guard. You may not be sure how to move forward.

Our team at Craig Swapp & Associates is here to let you know that you have options. With the help of a Kent car accident lawyer, you can file a successful personal injury claim against the liable party and recover the compensation you deserve.

How to Deal with Insurance Companies

You likely know that dealing with the insurance company is an inevitable part of the process after you’ve been involved in a car accident. However, many people don’t understand the proper way to navigate this part of the process. This knowledge is important, however, because it could determine whether you’re able to recover the compensation you need.

Rather than handling communications with insurers on your own, you can have your insurance company get in touch with your car accident attorney in Kent. This will help ensure your rights are protected throughout the proceedings and that you make no errors that could lead to complications or a denial of your claim.

At some point, your insurance company will likely try to get you to give a statement about the events that took place. However, it’s often wise to avoid doing so. Even if you weren’t actually responsible for the crash, it’s incredibly easy to accidentally say the wrong thing and make yourself look liable. Avoid giving a statement without the direction of your lawyer.

Recovering Compensation for Your Kent Car Crash

Once your Kent car wreck attorney has handled the initial communications with the insurance company, he or she will begin negotiating on your behalf. We will put our years of experience to use for you to make sure you receive full and fair compensation.

Some of the damages you may be eligible to recover include the following:

  • Any and all medical costs tied to your accident, including medications, hospital stays, appointments with your doctor, and travel costs
  • Property damage compensation if your vehicle or belongings were damaged
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Compensation for wages lost during your recovery period
  • Wrongful death benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

If the insurance company or negligent driver won’t make a reasonable compensation offer, we won’t hesitate to take them to court.

Talk to a Kent Car Accident Attorney

Considering taking legal action against the person who caused your car accident? Our team at Craig Swapp & Associates would be happy to provide you with the aggressive representation and commitment you need to garner a successful outcome for your injury claim.

Speak with a Kent car accident lawyer about the details of your case. Give our office a call today at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page to set up an initial meeting with one of our team members.

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