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Idaho IVC Filter Lawyer

IVC filters perform a very specific function, one that can potentially save lives. At the same time, intent is not as important as quality materials, craftsmanship, and knowing the limits that a product has. In the case of IVC filters, exceeding these limits can have devastating consequences.

These filters are meant to be used on a temporary basis to resolve a problem, only for a short period of time. Even then, they come with risks, but many people are leaving them implanted for much longer than they should.

This is the reason that many patients have begun the search for an Idaho IVC filter lawyer to help them handle the medical trauma and complications they now face as a result of the filter. To speak to a lawyer about your case call 208-331-0167 or send us a message online.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter

idaho IVC filter lawyer 1The inferior vena cava is the single largest vein that can be found in the human body. That’s because it transfers large amounts of blood from some of the largest extremities of the body.

This blood has been deoxygenated and is returning to the heart and lungs to be re-oxygenated. Since it is so large, it has the potential to carry larger clots along its route than other smaller veins would be able to carry.

And while no clot is a good thing, the larger they are, the more dangerous they can become. This is an important factor in determining a location for the placement of the filter.

Issues with IVC Filters

The filter is shaped like a cone net. It catches the clots as they flow through the vein and prevent them from making it to the heart or lungs. However, since 2004, there have been reported incidents of the implant coming loose or coming apart.

When this happens, the pieces of the filter are carried to the heart and lungs. There, they can and have perforated tissue and have even caused medical issues such as lower limb deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Risks and Responsibilities of Medical Devices

One of the jobs of a medical practitioner is to let patients know the known risks they face. In the case of the IVC filter, practitioners didn’t always know the risks.

In fact, one company hired a doctor to create a report on how safe the device was after receiving numerous reports questioning its safety. They didn’t modify the device or warn doctors or patients. Instead, they glossed over it while patients were left without knowing the risks.

Today, lawsuits regarding medical devices and manufacturers exist to deal with these very issues. Patients who know the risks might make different choices, but when they are faced with the option of saving their own lives without any potential for risk from the device itself, the choice they are going to make is an obvious one.

Further, if medical device companies and manufacturers are negligent, you can be eligible to receive compensation for the injuries caused by the device. Talk to an Idaho IVC filter lawyer to find out more.

idaho IVC filter lawyer 2

Contact An Idaho IVC Filter Lawyer

Despite reassurances, anyone who has had the IVC filter put in place should seriously consider having it removed in a timely manner, as it was designed to be removed. Not only that, but it would also be a good idea to contact a qualified Idaho IVC filter lawyer in order to review details of the risks involved and what can be done about any injuries or complications now.

If you or someone you know has had an IVC and suffered any complications, it’s crucial that you consult our attorneys immediately. Injuries caused by medical devices like IVC filters are serious matters and should not be taken lightly. Contact our office online or call (800) 404-9000 immediately for a free consultation.

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