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Idaho Falls Truck Accident Lawyer


Truck wrecks often end with the victims being not only hurt, but also frustrated by the confusing whirlwind that the insurance companies are putting them through. It’s not uncommon for the victim’s insurance and the trucker’s insurance to be tossing liability back and forth, with nothing being actually resolved for the victim. Put an end to this battle by hiring an attorney. A lawyer can put these companies back in their place, and make them hold up to their legal obligations.

Our Idaho Falls truck accident lawyer, Craig Swapp, and his group of attorneys are well-known in this industry due to their dedication, compassion, and impressive track record.

Craig Swapp & Associates handles cases involving a tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, or other large trucks. Now, live representatives on our team are available to assist truck accident victims and their families 24 hours a day. No matter how severe your injuries are, our reps are here with open ear to guide you toward your next best steps. Keep in mind, your case evaluations are always FREE, no matter how many times you need to speak to us. Call 800-404-9000 to tell us about your truck accident right now.