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Getting help for your Salt Lake city personal injury case is easy, fast, and free.


Idaho Falls Personal Injury Lawyer

Hurt? Let an Attorney in Idaho Falls Take Care of You

Idaho Falls Personal Injury Lawyer

Our attorneys know that being hurt can affect your daily life in so many ways. Your work suffers, therefore your whole household suffers. It’s hard to stand, move, and sleep. It’s our job to make things a little easier on you by handling as much of your personal injury case that we can without you having to stress over it.

An Idaho Falls personal injury lawyer from our nearest office location will start out by making sure that any paperwork is filled out correctly and turned in. From there, they will handle the insurance companies and any necessary negotiations. You will be kept up-to-date on any movement or progress regarding  your claim. Take a load off and hire an attorney to take care of your legal needs. Get started by chatting right now, or you can dial 208-331-0167 or, if you prefer, 1-800-404-9000.

We appreciate your interest in Craig Swapp & Associates, and it would be our honor to assist you and your family.

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Listen to what our clients are saying:

The lawyers all have been very helpful.Once a month they would call to let me know any new information, I felt they are working for me. I will tell people about Craig Swapp . Thank you.

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