Answering the question “how much is my truck accident claim worth” is far easier with the help of a Salt Lake City attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates. We know how to maximize the value of injury claims and understand what the industry standards are. This enables us to recognize a low settlement offer and make recommendations regarding when to go to court.


Factors Considered When Valuing Your Injury Claim

When you visit our office for your free consultation, we will review the details of your case to determine how much money you may be entitled to. We will review a number of factors:

  • Medical Bills – Our goal is to ensure that you have enough money to pay for your current and future medical expenses, including any procedures or surgeries you need to reach your maximum level of recovery.
  • Rehabilitation Expenses – Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses should be covered so that you do not have unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses when you weren’t at fault.
  • Caregiver Expenses – If your injuries necessitate help from a caregiver, you should not have to pay his or her salary out of your own money.
  • Lost Wages and Income – Any wage losses you have suffered due to an inability to work after your 18-wheeler accident should be reimbursed through filing and settling your injury claim.
  • Property Damage – Your vehicle and all other personal property damaged or lost in the truck accident should be restored or replaced.

All of these expenses or losses should be included in your final financial award. With our help, you can be confident this will be the case.


A Disability Will Increase the Value of Your Claim

If you were partially or fully disabled by your truck accident, you could be entitled to additional compensation. This is especially true if your disability resulted in an inability to work. We can determine what you were likely to earn through your remaining career in order to come up with a total wage loss that you deserve to be compensated for.

For example, if you were earning $40,000 per year and were set to work for another twenty years, you would have lost $800,000 or more due to the disability you suffered. That is money you are entitled to, and filing a lawsuit is an opportunity to recover it.


The Impact of Negligence on Your Claim

Many of our clients ask, “How much is my truck accident claim worth if I contributed to the crash?” This is an important question because in order to qualify for compensation, another party needs to be mostly responsible or negligent for your accident.

You can have some responsibility for what happened and still be eligible for restitution, but your negligence must be less than 50 percent for you to receive compensation.

The percentage of negligence assigned to you will be applied to your award as a reduction. For example, if your claim is worth $30,000 but you were 20 percent negligent, you would only receive $24,000.

If you were in a truck accident, it is also necessary to determine if the driver, trucking company, or both were responsible for your crash. All negligent parties must be named in your suit, since once you have settled, you will be unable to file a second lawsuit for the same accident later.


Meet with a Salt Lake City Truck Accident Attorney

If you live in Salt Lake City and want to find out what your tractor-trailer accident claim is worth, call 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the form below so you can speak with an attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates. After discussing the details of your accident, we can value your claim and build a case for why you deserve to be compensated.

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