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How Do I Find the Best Accident Lawyer?

When you need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to recover from an injury, you need the best. But how do you find the best accident lawyer?

It’s often a tough call, but a few simple steps can help separate the best lawyer for your needs from the rest.

Tips for Finding a Great Lawyer

These tips will make it easier to hire the best accident lawyer for your personal injury case:

Look for One Nearby

Location matters when selecting an attorney. Because your claim is likely to be filed in the county where you were injured, hiring someone outside of the area could mean a higher cost in the long run. If an attorney has to drive into the county for court appearances, he or she may charge you for this time. Go with someone local to avoid this.

Know the Area of Focus

Ask any accident lawyer you’re considering whether he or she handles injury claims for the type of accident that injured you. For example, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who has experience in fighting rider bias.

Ask About Trial Experience

Not all attorneys represent people in court. In fact, many attorneys never take cases to trial but settle them beforehand. This is a good tactic to try in some cases, but there is no guarantee that it will be successful. Hire an attorney who is as comfortable in the courtroom as he or she is at the negotiation table.

Discuss Recent Successes

Accident attorneys tend to keep a running tally of the amount of money they’ve collected for their clients. Ask for references or learn about recent successes to determine whether a law firm has truly delivered for its past clients.

Craig Swapp & Associates Can Help You

With multiple office locations and a team of experienced accident lawyers, we are equipped to win you a favorable outcome in your personal injury case. We are conveniently located, we handle all types of accident and injury claims, we’re highly skilled trial attorneys, and we’ve won millions of dollars for our clients.

The bottom line? We fight hard to get our personal injury clients what they deserve.

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