When you’re involved in a collision that was caused by someone else, you might not know where to turn. A car accident lawyer can help you get relief for your accident in Great Falls. 

Car accidents can inflict damages: physically, mentally, and financially. If you’re wondering what your options are, a Great Falls car accident lawyer can walk you through the process of filing your claim. 

Understanding Personal Injury Claims for Your Great Falls Car Accident

A car accident can leave you with both physical and emotional trauma. You might be dealing with the financial strain of unexpected medical bills or lost wages from time away from work. 

Fortunately, a personal injury claim could be the key to unlocking a financial settlement. Car accident settlements fall under the umbrella of personal injury claims, which is an area of law that allows victims of any type of accident to recover damages from the at-fault party. 

In the case of your Great Falls car accident, it will be important to present evidence of the other driver’s carelessness. This can be done by documenting the crash site, filing a crash report, and notifying your insurance that you’ve been involved in a wreck caused by another driver. 

If you’re injured, visiting your doctor as soon as possible will not only allow you to receive adequate care for your injuries, it also will help document your physical damages, which are the primary considerations for an insurance company when looking at a possible settlement. 

How Comparative Fault Impacts Your Car Accident Claim in Great Falls, Montana

The state laws in Montana will impact all aspects of your Great Falls car accident claim. One of the ways this happens is through the state’s views on comparative fault.

In Montana, the rules of modified comparative fault mean that you can still recover damages if you’re partially responsible for causing the accident. However, your compensation will decrease according to the share of fault a judge finds you to have. Finally, being found more than 50 percent responsible for causing the accident means you could be barred from collecting any kind of settlement. 

Although these rules apply for all personal injury claims, they’re especially important for car accident claims. A driver who is injured after a rear-end accident can receive compensation for their damages, but the fact that they pumped their brakes quickly in front of the driver behind them could mean their damages are lowered by 20 percent, or however much a judge decides. 

Montana’s comparative fault laws can be complicated, which is why most car accident victims in Great Falls increase their chances of winning a full settlement by consulting an experienced lawyer. 

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Great Falls

Receiving a settlement for your car accident can be complicated. An experienced car accident lawyer from our firm can cut through the complexity, and increase your chance of winning the compensation you deserve. 

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