Are you Googling “Car accident lawyer near me”? We come to you!

The attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates know it can be difficult to think about meeting with a car accident lawyer while you’re busy recovering. You don’t want to travel to a new part of town, miss work, or find a babysitter while you’re in pain, and you shouldn’t have to.

We Come to You

We can make the process of pursuing compensation after your car accident easier by visiting your location.

The following are some common locations where we meet with car accident victims to consult with them about their claims:

  • Hospital – We can visit you at the hospital if your injuries are severe or you want a car crash attorney to document how severe your injuries actually are.
  • Home – Recovering at home is often a necessity, especially when injuries like broken bones are involved.
  • Work – If you had to get back to work, we can meet you on your lunch break.
  • Family Member’s Home – After you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might need to stay with a family member who is caring for you as you recover. We’re happy to meet you there.
  • School – If you’re in college, we can send a car wreck attorney to campus.

Are You Anxious About Visiting a Law Firm?

Let’s face it—many people don’t enjoy visiting a law office. First, many people think they need to dress up, which can be difficult if you are recovering from a car accident injury. Second, making an appointment and coming to our office takes time away from work, school, and family obligations.

Those who have young children may find visiting a lawyer’s office difficult because even a short consultation could require arranging for a babysitter.

For some people, the steps required to visit a lawyer can cause such anxiety that they cancel the appointment altogether. We understand, and we want to make the process as painless as possible. That’s why we come to you.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Complete the form below or call 1-800-404-9000 to schedule an appointment with Craig Swapp & Associates. Let us know if you would like us to come to you and where you would like to meet. We’ll come where you are and get your case started as soon as you’re ready.