Here at Craig Swapp and Associates, we see good going on around us all the time. People that are going the extra mile to help someone in need, to brighten someone’s day, to make other’s burdens just a little bit lighter. With so much commotion going on, we appreciate these reminders of the good going on. We decided to try to do our part and highlight some of these good people doing what they can with what they have, and thank them for their efforts.

We’re partnering up with the local businesses across the valley to help reward some of these people and to do a special spotlight on them in hopes that others will see the good that is going on, and search for more opportunities to go above and beyond.

We want to hear your stories! People that have helped you. People that have brightened your day. Perhaps you were a bystander observing someone as they helped another. SEND US YOUR STORIES!! You can email these experiences to with some of the details so we can contact these people, give them a special thank you and a little reward for their goodness. Then we’ll highlight them here on our web page and our social media.

There’s so much good going on, we simply have to Find the Good.

Check out our first story here.