Have you recently been injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault? Call a capable Ellensburg motorcycle crash lawyer who can determine who’s to blame and obtain the compensation you’re entitled to.

Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of injury than people who drive automobiles or tractor-trailers. Without the same surrounding protections four-wheeled vehicles provide, the injuries motorcyclists suffer in collisions are often catastrophic and come with devastating consequences.

When you have been injured in a motorcycle crash and you need a qualified Ellensburg motorcycle accident lawyer by your side to ensure that you are fully compensated for your losses, Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get the most out of your claim.

Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

The types of injuries that motorcycle riders endure can run the gamut. Everything from lacerations, road rash, and whiplash to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, amputations, and third-degree burns is a possibility, depending on how serious the crash was.

Injuries of this severity can have tremendous consequences on your life. You could be facing a lengthy recovery that will require a long hospital stay, numerous doctor visits, prescription painkillers, and re-learning how to do things you found simple prior to your injury, such as walking, speaking, eating, talking, and many other everyday activities.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Ellensburg can help you document all of your injuries and the ways they have affected your life—an important step in seeking fair and full compensation.

Dealing with Insurance After an Ellensburg Motorcycle Wreck

Although you’re stuck working through a difficult recovery, the insurance company has little compassion for you. Their priority is their profits, and paying out on claims is never beneficial to their profits.

That’s why it comes as little surprise that insurers often take advantage of claimants who are anxious to get the details of their claims squared away. This can be a challenge for motorcyclists in particular because insurance adjusters have been known to utilize the classic “reckless biker” stereotype to promote the notion that you are to blame for the accident.

If they are able to prove liability on your part, they can get away with paying you less than what you truly deserve. Your Ellensburg motorcycle collision attorney will put a stop to these dishonest attempts and fight to make sure the insurer settles for a fair and reasonable amount.

Talk to an Ellensburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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