Car accidents are the most common case type (although definitely not the only case type) that our attorneys in Eagle, Idaho deal with. If you have been involved in an auto wreck, don’t panic. Help with the legal side of what you’re facing is available from the law office of Craig Swapp & Associates.

Get a Lawyer After Your Auto Accident

You may feel a certain aspect of guilt about the wreck, but remember: all drivers have a duty to be responsible and careful while they are on the road, not just you. Just because you were in a car accident does not mean that you are to blame for it. Never admit to being at fault for a car accident, because doing so could severely damage your case if you decide to open one later on. Let the police decide who was at fault, based on the law as they understand it. This is why your police report is considered such an important document of evidence. Details of your police report is most likely one of the first things that your Eagle car accident lawyer will ask you for. If you are found at fault on the police report, it does not necessarily mean that your case is completely lost. Discuss the matter with an attorney for more details on what your options might be.

Our firm of Eagle car accident lawyers focus on providing careful attention to you and your case. With years of client satisfaction on our backs, we have become known to have premiere attorneys when it comes to auto accidents.

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