With 20,000 residents of its own, and along with being only about twenty minutes from the Boise metropolitan area, Eagle, Idaho has become more than just suburbs. It is now a bustling town of its own, with thousands of people out and about. Of course, when the population of an area sees such a spike as Eagle recently has, the risk for being involved in a personal injury tends to increase.

If you find that you have become a victim of negligence, like so many others, please reach out to our firm to speak with an Eagle personal injury lawyer about your case. It every costs anything to consult us, and we are available ALL hours of the day and night through chat, email, or phone call.

What Your Eagle Personal Injury Lawyer Does

A typical personal injury case involved one party that was injured, and the other party that caused the injury through their negligence. This could mean that they were not paying attention, did not tend to their property, did not maintain an area that they were responsible for, or some other form of carelessness that caused the harm.

Usually, it is not that actual person that is responsible for compensating the injured party, but their insurance company. Often times, because their job is more focused on protecting the company’s money, they do not want to budge unless they are pushed to do so. Although it is your legal right to be compensated, they will do everything they can to lowball the amount provided to you or even deny fault completely sometimes. Having an attorney as your guide is the most secure way of handling your personal injury case. Call our lawyers in Eagle, Idaho at 800-404-9000.

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Listen to what our clients are saying:

The lawyers all have been very helpful.Once a month they would call to let me know any new information, I felt they are working for me. I will tell people about Craig Swapp . Thank you.

Craig Swapp
Craig Swapp and Associates
Personal Injury Lawyer
Eagle, ID
United States