Because Salt Lake City, Utah, is such a thriving city, we see more than our fair share of construction activity. These construction sites often utilize many different types of machines and a variety of equipment, including cranes. Cranes are commonly used on construction sites, and even when the operators have extensive training, crane accidents still happen.

When a crane accident occurs, it can be difficult figuring out exactly what happened and who is responsible for covering the cost of the injuries and damages. This is especially true when the injuries and damages involve people working with different companies on the same site.

Unfortunately, in some of these cases, you might find that because of the circumstances of your accident, workers compensation doesn’t apply. When this happens, you will need the assistance of a qualified Salt Lake City crane accident lawyer to make sure the right person or entity is held responsible for what you’ve experienced.


Construction Equipment Injuries and Malice

In some cases, people use their equipment to hurt each other intentionally, an act known as malice. If a person does something with the intention of harming someone else, he or she may be liable for damages.

When a crane is misused for this purpose, the resulting damages and injuries can be severe. Acts of malice are generally not covered by workers compensation and should instead be handled through a personal injury lawsuit. Our attorneys can help you prove the at-fault party’s intent, as well as advise you throughout the legal process.


Crane Equipment Malfunction

Cranes are mechanical items, and their moving parts are bound to fail over time and require repair or replacement. Most companies have maintenance schedules in place to limit the instances of this happening.

However, sometimes the issue is not a lack of maintenance or care, but a manufacturing issue instead. If the crane’s or part’s manufacturer produced defective equipment, they could very well be held liable for the negligence evident in their manufacturing process.


Seeking Compensation for Crane Injuries

Many people believe that crane injuries are just part of the job. However, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. An injury from a crane accident can range from simple cuts and bruises to more severe injuries such as spine and back injuries or broken bones.

In addition to the injuries, you will likely have to deal with lost wages and income due to time off from work and the possibility that you may not be able to work in the same field ever again. Because of these potential losses and severity of injuries, it’s crucial that the right person or entity is held responsible for your accident.


Consult an Experienced Salt Lake City Crane Accident Lawyer

No matter who or what caused the crane accident, you shouldn’t have to deal with the expenses and consequences alone. The lawyers of Craig Swapp and Associates can navigate the legal process and help you bring your case to a successful conclusion.

If you were injured in either a crane accident or a construction accident, we can help you determine who was responsible and how to prove your case. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call our office toll free at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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