Construction accidents in Salt Lake City are serious matters that can lead to life-altering injuries and even losing the ability to continue to work in your field. If you have been injured in a construction accident, the answers to your questions won’t be simple. However, the information contained in the following Salt Lake City construction accident frequently asked questions may shed some light on your situation.


Aren’t construction accidents covered by workers compensation?

Unfortunately, many types of accidents can occur on construction sites that the employer isn’t responsible for. In cases where accidents cannot be addressed with a workers compensation claim, it is possible to hold the responsible party accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.

For instance, accidents that involve malice or equipment failure or that happen between two different companies are not accidents that workers compensation can always address.


When are construction equipment manufacturers liable for injuries?

When equipment fails to function as it should, it may be a product liability issue. Companies are responsible for making sure that the equipment they make is made from quality materials, functions as advertised, and is designed so that it does not cause injury or damage when used.

When companies fail to meet these standards, especially with tools and machines used in construction areas, they may be held liable for any damages and injuries that result.


Does disability cover construction accident injury costs?

There is a chance that you may be so badly injured that you have to apply for disability. However, because qualifying for disability often requires you to be unable to work for an extended period of time before applying, you will likely have immediate expenses in the wake of the construction accident that need to be covered some other way.

In other words, disability may cover some of the income you lose in the future as a result of the injury, but it is not going to cover immediate income loss, medical bills, or personal injury costs.

The lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates have the experience necessary for dealing with construction accident claims. We can examine the details of your accident and help you make sure the right person is held responsible so that your immediate needs and expenses are met.


What if a coworker or my employer intentionally caused my injury?

When someone intentionally causes you to be injured, this is known as malice. Injuries caused by intent should be treated as personal injury situations rather than workers compensation cases. Normally, you would be unable to sue your employer for a workplace injury, but this only applies to negligence. When malice is involved, you can sue your employer for the damages and injuries you have endured.


Salt Lake City Construction Lawyers

How you should proceed with your construction accident case will vary according to a number of details that are specific to your situation. In order to ensure that nothing is overlooked and you get any compensation you are owed, you will need the assistance of experienced accident lawyers.

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