Salt Lake City, Utah, is a thriving city that is in a constant state of growth. Because of this, we can always count on there to be at least a few active construction sites throughout the city at any given time

While a busy construction industry is a good sign for the city and the construction industry itself, it also unfortunately means that construction accidents are bound to happen at some point. This is especially true when people get in a hurry or overwork themselves. Some of the Salt Lake City construction accident common injuries can be caused by mechanical failure, while others are more likely to be caused by poor judgment.


Common Causes of Construction Injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces a report each year describing the nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses that required employees to take time off from work. The 2014 report reveals that 33 percent of all work-related accidents occur because of overexertion and bodily reaction.

In other words, people get tired and make mistakes. Many times, these mistakes end up causing someone else’s injuries.

Another cause of injuries is a lack of communication or improper organization between different companies working on the same site. When one company is working on something that the other company is unaware of, accidents can happen. In these types of accidents, it can be difficult to determine who was responsible because of the overlap between companies.


Specific Injuries in Construction Accidents

Construction sites see a wide variety of different types of injuries, some being more common than others:

  • Broken Bones – Whether caused by falls, being struck by an object, a vehicular accident, or something else, broken bones are quite common.
  • Electrocution – This is a common injury that happens when electricians are working on something, but other contractors are unaware of the work in progress and touch something that causes them to be electrocuted.
  • Brain Injuries – Hard hats are required on virtually all construction sites, but they can only provide so much protection. Head and traumatic brain injuries most frequently occur when workers are struck by falling objects.
  • Burns – Burns are among some of the most common construction accidents because of toxic exposure to harmful modern chemicals that are used in some construction.
  • Spine Injuries – Construction zones are veritable hazard areas for spines. Falling from heights or being crushed by equipment can cause serious spine injuries that may lead to fractured vertebrae or even paralysis.

If you have suffered from any of these types of injuries in a construction accident, it could be difficult determining who or what was responsible. However, you could be entitled to financial compensation that could help cover some of the expenses and losses you suffer in the aftermath.


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