The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regularly shares reports concerning accidents, especially those that happen on the job. For the most part, these reports help companies create safer working conditions, but they also help insurance companies understand the risks associated with the companies they cover. The data can also assist workers and employers in understanding the causes of certain types of accidents.

The construction accident common types are not always what you might first think of. Construction accidents often occur when two companies are working on the same site rather than just one. They also often involve the actions of a person who is visiting the job site.

In these types of Salt Lake City construction accidents, it’s crucial that you have an experienced lawyer on your side to help determine who is liable for your injury and how it will be covered financially. At Craig Swapp & Associates, we can help you do precisely that.


Most Common Construction Accidents

Construction accidents happen all the time, most often because people are tired, not properly trained, or because communication was lacking. Some of the most common construction accidents include the following:

  • Falls – Unsafe areas that create fall risks might include wet surfaces, debris, and uneven ground. Ladder falls can also happen because of negligence on the part of someone else and can result in serious injuries.
  • Fires – Fires destroy property and cause serious injury, whether through burns or smoke inhalation. They most commonly happen when subcontractors fail to communicate with each other about the use of combustible materials in the area of other fire hazards.
  • Collisions – Whether a collision with an object falling from two stories up or a vehicle pulling out of a construction zone, collisions make up a large portion of the common types of construction accidents.
  • Equipment Failure – Some accidents occur due to defective equipment. If a poorly built ladder or crane malfunctions while in use, injuries are all but certain to occur.
  • Toxic Exposure – Some construction sites require workers to either use or be in close proximity to toxic substances. Depending on the exact nature of the substance in question, if proper safety precautions aren’t taken, a number of potential injuries and illnesses could result.


Seeking Compensation for Construction Accidents

If you were hurt because of an accident involving someone or something within your own company, your compensation options will probably be fairly straightforward. However, this isn’t always the case with all construction accidents. For example, when an employee from one company is harmed by the action or inaction of an employee from another company, compensation may have to be determined in a court of law.

In these cases, it can be difficult determining exactly how to proceed with your case. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can advise you throughout this process and develop your case for you.


Experienced Salt Lake City Construction Accident Lawyers

The lawyers of Craig Swapp & Associates are both experienced and determined to make sure the right person is held responsible for your injuries. Don’t risk suffering the consequences of a construction accident alone or accepting the blame and expense for something you shouldn’t have to.

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