You might think you’ve already tried everything to reclaim your life after your injury, but if you haven’t tried calling a Cedar City injury lawyer, you’ve still got options.

We’re told from a young age to never settle for less than we deserve. This is wisdom we can carry into a personal injury claim.

Generally speaking, you have the legal right to file a personal injury claim against any person or group that has caused you injury, as long as you can provide proof of both your harm and the defendant’s responsibility for said harm.

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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Cedar City

In a Cedar City personal injury claim, you will first have to identify the type of accident that harmed you. Some common types of personal injury cases include the following:

  • Motor Vehicle CollisionsCar accidents can happen anywhere, from a congested highway to a desolate, wooded road. This applies to motorcycle accidents and truck crashes, too. If you’ve been in a collision, being able to prove that your crash’s fault lies with another party is critical to winning your case.
  • Product Liability – Even the most reliable companies occasionally sell and produce goods that are not only defective, but harm-inducing. If you’ve been injured by a product that wasn’t safe out of the box, you may have the right to compensation. You will need to prove that your injury was caused by another party’s negligence (the product’s manufacturer, distributor, etc.).
  • Premises Liability – If you’ve been injured on property that you do not own, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Again, you must simply prove that your injuries were not of your own making.
  • Construction and Work Accidents – Getting injured on the clock can be extremely distressing—not only do you have to deal with your injuries, but you must confront your bosses about what happened. Workers compensation, which is required of employers in Utah, may not completely meet your needs, so you may want to ask an injury lawyer in Cedar City about filing a personal injury claim.

How Personal Injury Law Affects Your Case

After identifying the way in which you were injured, you’ll be left to address the legal aspects of your case, which may require some careful consideration. For example, you’ll have to learn how the liability standard of modified comparative negligence applies to your case.

Modified comparative negligence makes it so you’re only eligible to recover damages to the extent to which someone else is found liable. If another party is only found 60 percent responsible for your injuries, you’ll only receive 60 percent of your potential award.

Another important piece of personal injury law is your case’s statute of limitations. In Utah, your statute of limitations is four years, which should give you ample time to file and win your claim.

Keep in mind that a reputable Cedar City injury attorney should be able to thoroughly explain all of the legal dimensions to your case.

Consult with a Cedar City Personal Injury Attorney

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