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18 Wheeler Wreck? Call an Attorney

Caldwell Truck Accident Lawyer Given that commercial trucks tend to weigh greater than 10,000 pounds, an accident involving one can leave one with greater injuries and concerns that a traditional accident. Once a person has collided with an 18 wheeler, injuries are nearly guaranteed – and so is the inevitably of medical expenses piling up.

Those that have been injured due to a collision with a commercial truck will need the express assistance of a formidable and experienced attorney. Get a Caldwell truck accident lawyer from our firm on the case today.

With the employment of Craig Swapp and Associates, those that have had their lives affected by a commercial truck accident will find an advocate that puts them first. The attorneys of our firm have a vast understanding of both federal and state regulations and laws that pertain to the world of commercial vehicles. They are additionally able to guide you through the complexities that are associated with police investigations, responsible parties, insurance coverage as well as liability.

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