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A sad tale

“My daughter was a passenger in a car that was broadsided by a truck driver running a red light. She suffered a severe head injury and required surgery to relieve the swelling on her brain. She’s still in a coma after two weeks. All the doctors can tell us is wait and see. Her medical bills are already over $100,000 and rising each day.
We’re not sure what to do next. Can you help us?”

Traumatic Brain Injury LawyerEvery year nearly 1.5 million people suffer from serious traumatic brain injuries, ranging from concussions to major brain injuries. Many patients with traumatic brain injuries result in temporary or even permanent comas. Unfortunately, when a brain injury is treated, medical and hospitalization costs can often sky-rocket beyond a person’s ability to pay. Lives can be changed forever.
A Salt Lake City, Utah brain injury lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates offers a sympathetic ear to the patients and families of those affected by traumatic brain injuries. As a Utah law firm that successfully handles brain injury cases, we look to protect the legal rights and financial needs of patients and their families who face a wide array of medical and recovery challenges. Building a successful case involving a brain injury requires Craig Swapp & Associates years of experience and expertise. One of our Utah brain injury lawyers will work hard to get financial compensation for a brain injury involving a concussion, nerve damage, seizures or convulsions, infections, cognitive difficulties, sensory problems, dizziness, blood clots or stroking, and coma. Sadly, many of these symptoms may last for months, years or a lifetime.
If you believe that the traumatic brain injury was caused by negligence or misconduct by another person or organization, Craig Swapp & Associates is ready to step in to aggressively pursue your claim with the insurance company. We’ll work hard to ensure that medical costs are covered and that fair and full compensation is provided for the life-altering changes associated with the injury.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury through someone elses negligence, call Craig Swapp & Associates lawyers in Utah to learn how we can help you recover financially. Our contingency fee structure means that you only pay legal fees only if we succeed in winning a financial settlement for you. Please contact us immediately to speak with a Utah brain injury lawyer by calling toll free at 801-919-8899 or by submitting details of your case on-line.