After you’ve suffered an injury, it’s almost impossible to juggle your recovery and filing a claim for compensation at the same time. Let a Bountiful injury attorney bring balance to your life while you focus on recovering.

Have you been injured in an accident in the Bountiful area? If someone else caused the accident, you can file a claim against that person or business to seek financial compensation.

It may sound simple enough, but you can expect to meet strong resistance from the negligent party when you file your claim. The other party is likely to have legal representation trained in keeping you from getting what you’re entitled to.

That’s why so many people opt to hire a Bountiful personal injury lawyer with Craig Swapp & Associates. Our experienced injury attorneys know how to build strong cases and see them through.

Laying Out the Facts

A key component to a successful personal injury lawsuit is that the negligence of the other party led to your injury. And when you’re determining whether you have a case, that’s where you’ll want to start. A qualified Bountiful injury attorney with our firm will help you organize the details of what happened into a strong claim that covers all of your damages.

Even if you were partly to blame for your accident, you may still have a case—as long as the other party holds the majority of the fault. We’ll help you sort through the tricky legal details like this one to point to the responsible party.

Is This Your Case?

Here are some common examples of personal injury case types:

  • Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents – Motor vehicle accidents are all too common. If you’ve been injured in one, your attorney can help prove the crash wasn’t your fault.
  • Boating Accidents – Summertime means more boats out on the water, as well as a greater risk for accidents.
  • Bad Products – Product liability cases can arise when a manufacturer sells something that malfunctions, is hazardous, or is made with dangerous materials. An example would be a toy made with lead paint or a car with faulty wiring that causes a fire.
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents – If you were injured on someone else’s property in Bountiful by falling or being struck by an object, you may be able to name the property owner in your personal injury claim. This is called a premises liability case. These cases can be challenging, so it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you.
  • Construction Accidents – Typically, when you’re hurt on the job, you can only file for workers compensation. However, if your accident was caused by a third party, you could seek additional compensation.

We Need to Prove What Happened

Your Bountiful injury attorney will need to conduct an investigation to prove the other party’s negligence. This involves gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses, and conducting depositions.

With strong evidence in your hands, the other party may agree to settle your case without going to court. This can mean money in your pocket much faster.

How Much Money Can You Get?

It’s OK to be concerned with how much compensation your claim can get you. In fact, it’s the chief concern of most personal injury victims. After all, you’re dealing with medical bills, lost time at work, and potential disability, all of which are expensive.

Your claim’s value will depend on various factors, including the type and extent of your injuries, your projected recovery time, and the circumstances of your accident. Your Bountiful attorney will have seen cases like yours before and know which damages you should name in your claim—even some you may not have thought about, such as the cost of retrofitting your home to accommodate your disability.

Your lawyer may also advise asking for punitive damages from the negligent party or non-economic compensation for your intangible damages, such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

Call to Speak with a Lawyer

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