Bicycles are becoming a much more common sight as more people try to avoid traffic and save on gasoline. You might have been on your bicycle for a little exercise, to commute, or to run some errands. The next thing you know, someone has hit you, and now you’re seriously injured.

While we’re usually prepared to follow the rules, we’re not always sure what to do after a bicycle accident. It can be overwhelming, painful, and expensive. That’s why you’ll need an attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates as soon as possible.

In the aftermath of a bike crash, you’ll need to take some steps to get compensation for your accident, and a bicycle accident lawyer can help. Be sure you’re taking the following steps after a bike wreck.  

Seek Medical Attention

Bicyclists are in a uniquely vulnerable position. While you’re not going the speeds that a motorcycle likely is, you’re similarly exposed to the dangers of the road. You might be wearing a helmet, but beyond that, you’re likely wearing your normal clothing. That could mean serious and even lethal injuries.

Don’t hesitate to get medical care immediately after your accident. Not only could you have suffered injuries that don’t show up immediately, like internal bleeding, but having a medical record associated with the accident also shows that you were injured by the accident.

By getting immediate care, you can connect your injuries with the timing of the accident. If you wait and then later see a doctor when you’re in pain, it could damage your claim that the accident caused your pain and injuries.  

Determine Your Compensation

Once you’ve been treated, you’ll need to seek compensation for your injuries. This can include any damages you’ve suffered, from the cost of repairing your bicycle to the mental trauma a bicycle crash can cause.

These damages should cover both your monetary damages and your mental and emotional suffering, which can be more complex. While you should be able to calculate your expenses and financial losses, since you should have the bills, determining the severity of your loss of enjoyment of life requires tools and resources a lawyer can provide.

Your damages are unique, however, and you should receive compensation for all your damages. As such, you’ll need to include all your potential damages in your personal injury claim, such as the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

Contact an Attorney

While bicycles can help you save on gas and other car-related expenses, a bicycle accident can be devastating. Being hit by a car can be deeply serious, so you’ll need compensation for the suffering you’ve been put through. Still, you might not know what to do after a bicycle accident.

That’s why you’ll need a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates on your side. Our attorneys understand how painful a bicycle accident can be, so we’ll guide you through the claims process, starting with your free consultation.

Take advantage of our free case reviews today by contacting our attorneys about your first steps toward compensation. Reach out by calling 1-800-404-9000 or by filling out the online form below.  

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