If you have been in an accident with a Boise taxicab, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries, and it may be time to contact an experienced Boise taxi accident attorney for assistance. Boise taxis and their drivers have to meet specific regulations. In part, they are governed by the United States Department of Transportation regulations, but they are also governed by Idaho state and Boise city regulations as well. This means the drivers and the company have a lot at stake should they admit to fault when it comes to an accident, and it means you may face challenges that our lawyers can help you overcome.

What to Do if You Are in a Taxi Accident

The first thing you should do if you are in a taxi accident is to seek medical attention. If you have sustained injuries during an accident with a taxicab in Boise, it’s also important to document as much of the incident that you can. Every little detail helps. From the weather that day to the street signs and evidence on the road, documentation leaves little to the imagination. Almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera today, so taking pictures isn’t that difficult and can go a long way toward proving negligence. Your lawyer might even be able to get evidence from one of the cameras that Idaho has placed on some of the more frequently traveled roadways.

Take Pictures and Gather Information

As you take pictures and gather information, be sure to ask for the driver’s information as well. Check the image on the license to make sure it matches the face of the driver and then note information such as the license number, taxicab company information, and anything else you might need. You might even ask permission to take a picture of the license, so you have all of the information right there in front of you for your case. It can be difficult after an accident to remember to take down all the information. If you have missed anything, our attorneys can help you get that information.

Potential Injuries in Taxicab Accidents

You have the same potential to sustain an injury in an accident with a taxicab as you have in an accident with any other vehicle. The only difference is that the more passengers a taxi has, the more money it makes. For that reason, they may be traveling faster than other drivers are, and may also be more easily distracted. Further, one of the most common injuries in car accidents is a neck injury. It’s one area of the body that has limited support in a car. Any kind of sudden jarring motion can damage the muscles or tendons in the neck and leave it unable to support the head. And, because taxicabs may not be equipped with the appropriate seat belts and other safety devices, injuries can actually be worse if you are in a taxi accident.

Why You Need a Taxi Accident Attorney

Taxi drivers are expected to have a clean driving record in Idaho as one of the criteria that the state requires. However, some companies might find ways around this requirement and others. It is because of these types of loopholes that you will need an experienced taxi accident attorney to make sure nothing is overlooked. Driving records may come into question, and it is much easier for a lawyer to get that type of information than it is going to be for you on your own. On top of that, some taxi companies invest in law firms that offer a team of lawyers. You may be faced with battling many professionals, including the driver, the taxicab company, and other attorneys, none of whom will have your best interests in mind. That alone can be intimidating to an individual, especially if you are already stressed out and injured.

Craig Swapp & Associates Can Help

An experienced Boise taxi accident attorney won’t be intimidated by teams of lawyers representing the other side. Our attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates are experienced and familiar with what it takes to ensure you receive any compensation you deserve. Don’t attempt to deal with your accident and injuries alone. Contact our office online immediately or call 1-800-404-9000 for a free consultation so we can help.