Any type of animal bite can be a dangerous one. Even a light bite can leave a puncture wound, one of the types of wounds most likely to develop an infection. Dog bites aren’t just dangerous. They put the owner and the victim in a precarious position. Although the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) notes that dogs rarely bite without showing some sort of warning sign that they are about to get aggressive, not everyone knows or is capable of recognizing those signs. And, in some cases, the aggression of the dog may be unprovoked. While it may be a result of a lifetime of anger and mistreatment, the general public will have no warning of that. If you have been bitten by a dog, take the matter seriously and contact a Boise dog bite injuries attorney to see what type of recourse is available.

What Is the One Bite Rule?

Nationally, there is what is known as the “one bite rule.” What it means is that a dog doesn’t necessarily have to be put down if this is the first time he or she bit a particular person. It also means the owner of the dog may not have any liability toward the victim if this is the first time that the dog bit this particular person. However, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have bitten another person before that. Although there isn’t a specific dog bite statute in Idaho, our laws are considered some of the strictest when it comes to the owner’s responsibility to keep his or her dogs from harming others.

Idaho Dog Bite Legislation

Many states make their own laws in addition to the one bite rule. Their laws don’t circumvent the one bite rule, but they may offer some additional elements, or they may address additional dog-ownership responsibilities such as how an owner needs to deal with a vicious dog. In Idaho, there are laws that hold pet owners responsible while being in attendance with their dogs. This is true even if a dog isn’t vicious, but if it is considered vicious, there are special guidelines that the pet owner must follow to ensure everyone else’s safety. For example, the dog needs to be with its owners and restrained or in a cage with exit points.

Potential Damage and Injuries from Dog Bites

Whenever there is a puncture wound, there is a serious risk of infection. The opening may be small, but it might also be deep enough to get into the muscle tissue. And those are just the small injuries caused by dog bites. Some dog bites lead to even more serious injuries. For instance, certain dogs lock their jaws when they bite down. When the victim moves, the bite just gets deeper. Other dogs shake their heads so that the tissue tears and rips, which means damage can range from minor to fatal within a couple of short seconds. When children are bitten by dogs, their own movements, whether out of fear or in an attempt to get away from the dog, can cause the bite to become even worse. A dog bite of any kind has every potential to result in permanent medical problems and scarring.

What to Do if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog

If you have been bitten by a dog, it’s important that you document everything you can at the time it happens. Because this type of accident can happen in a matter of seconds, this isn’t always possible. However, if you can get an image of the dog on that day, it could be helpful in determining key factors such as whether the dog was properly restrained. It is also crucial that you seek medical attention immediately so that any injuries can be addressed and prevented from becoming worse. Most importantly, if you or your child have been bitten by a dog in Boise, you will need an experienced Boise dog bite injuries attorney. Make sure you get any compensation you deserve and possibly prevent someone else from being injured in the same way later.

We Can Help

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