Getting hit by a car while riding a motorcycle nearly always leads to serious injuries. In some accidents, bikers suffer nerve damage on top of visible physical injuries. This is not always easy to diagnose and can take years of treatment to recover from, making it wise to hire a Boise motorcycle accident nerve damage lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.

We can fight to protect your rights, get you as much money for your injuries as possible, and ensure that you receive the medical care you need to recover.


Have You Been Diagnosed with Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage is something that few people think about and many do not recognize. If you are having strange symptoms after a motorcycle crash, but have yet to be diagnosed, this could be the cause. Nerve damage can manifest itself in the following ways:

  • Digestion problems
  • Constantly feeling hot or cold
  • Involuntary muscle movements or inability to move like normal
  • Loss of sensitivity to heat, cold, or touch
  • Massive sweating
  • Dry eyes
  • Bladder or sexual dysfunction
  • Twitching
  • Paralysis

If you have any of these or other unexplained symptoms, visit a doctor for a full examination and diagnoses, letting your healthcare provider know that you are concerned about nerve damage sustained in a motorcycle crash.


A Long Road to Recovery

Your nerves won’t heal on their own. Instead, physical therapy is likely to be required, and this can last for years, depending on the severity of the damage. Surgery is sometimes required, as well. Medication may be prescribed to help minimize the discomfort or symptoms, but in the long run, it is important to continue with physical therapy to recover as much as possible.

Knowing this, filing a personal injury lawsuit becomes the best option for recovering enough compensation to pay for ongoing treatments and medical bills, along with the damage done to your quality of life.


Money to Compensate Your Nerve Damage

If your case is strong, the other party’s insurance company may approach you with a settlement offer. Be careful in this situation. While this sounds like a good thing, they typically start with a lowball offer that will leave money on the table if you accept it.

In any injury case, it is important to receive money for both current expenses and losses, along with future damages. For example, you need money to pay for your present medical bills and lost wages, but what will your future losses be? This must be calculated to ensure that you don’t end up paying out of pocket going forward.


Get Started with Your Nerve Damage Injury Case

Time is of the essence in filing an injury claim. This makes it important to hire an attorney as quickly as possible so that you can benefit from the freshest and most complete evidence to support your claim.

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