Motorcycle wrecks can cause horrifying injuries, and when your neck is affected, expensive medical bills and a decreased quality of life are sure to follow. Find out how to get compensation from the responsible parties by working with a Boise motorcycle accident neck injury lawyer.

Neck injuries are both some of the most common and most painful injuries that occur in motorcycle wrecks. The force of impact that a motorcycle rider can experience from the side, front, and back can do incredible damage to the neck, tearing muscles and—in some cases—even fracturing the vertebrae and damaging the spinal cord.

A neck injury is unlike many other injuries in that it can sometimes produce chronic pain and limited range of motion that may last for years. Because of this, it’s also one of the most common reasons people seek compensation after an accident. A Boise motorcycle accident neck injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you manage your case and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


Signs of a Neck Injury After a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidents are serious enough by themselves. You might at first think that your neck injury isn’t as serious as something like a broken bone or certain other spinal injuries, but in many instances, this is false. A neck injury can become progressively worse over time and affect you for the rest of your life.

Although you might think you have a minor case of whiplash, your injury could be far more severe. Some of the signs that you should look for include the following:

  • Difficulty moving your neck
  • Pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  • Tenderness in the upper back, shoulders, or pectoral muscles


Getting Compensation from an Insurance Company

Neck injuries can be expensive to treat, and your motorcycle crash is bound to have left you with other damages and expenses, as well. You need compensation to pay for your recovery and get your life back on track, but the sad truth is that the insurance is highly likely to try to blame you for the wreck in an effort to pay you as little as possible.

We’ll investigate your crash and develop a case that proves who was really at fault, why you deserve compensation, and how much. Your personal injury attorney will negotiate with the insurance on your behalf and ensure that any settlement offer you receive is fair and covers all of the financial damages and noneconomic losses related to your neck injury.


Consult an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Neck Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a neck injury in a motorcycle accident, chances are that you now have a long list of expenses and losses to deal with. If someone else caused your accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation that could help you move on from your crash. Even if you aren’t yet sure what caused the wreck, it’s best to consult with an experienced lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to determine the best way to move forward.

To find out who was responsible for your motorcycle wreck and what they owe you, fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call us toll-free at 1-800-404-9000. Schedule your free consultation and get answers to all of your questions.