Few things can change your life as quickly and thoroughly as suffering limb loss because of a motorcycle wreck. Seek compensation for what you’ve endured with help from a Boise motorcycle accident amputation lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents can produce extremely devastating effects, especially for the rider. If struck by another vehicle, a motorcycle driver can be thrown onto the road, under the wheels of an oncoming vehicle, or even through its windshield, increasing the risk of fatalities and serious, long-term injuries such as loss of limbs.

Although wearing the right safety gear, including a helmet, shin guards, and elbow pads, can reduce the risk of amputation, serious accidents can damage a limb severely enough to necessitate removal of the limb. In the case of an amputation or limb loss, working with a Boise motorcycle accident amputation lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to recoup the costs of your medical and daily expenses will help you focus on what matters most: healing as much as you can afterward.


Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The list of variables that can increase the risk of or cause a serious motorcycle accident is extensive. Distracted driving is a significant risk factor, as is other drivers failing to follow the rules of the road. In addition to these points, the following factors can also increase the risk of a motorcycle accident occurring:

Other causes of motorcycle accidents that can lead to loss of limb or other serious injuries include driving over or under the speed limit, dangerous road conditions, and inexperienced drivers.


Who Is at Fault in a Motorcycle Crash?

Of these factors, only weather and poor road conditions are beyond the control of drivers. Even then, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of an accident just by engaging in safe driving practices, by slowing down, or by waiting to drive until conditions have improved.

For each of the other factors, the driver has full control over his or her behavior on the road, and thus, may be labeled as “at fault” when an accident happens. This means that if you were injured or suffered limb loss because of someone else, you could be entitled to compensation.


Why Limb Loss Occurs in Motorcycle Wrecks

Amputations after a motorcycle accident aren’t exactly common, but they aren’t rare, either. Typically, the amputation does not occur at the scene, but takes place later on at the hospital when doctors judge the limb to be too badly injured to save.

In many cases, removing the limb saves the life of the patient, but this is little comfort when you are facing life without a limb. An experienced personal injury lawyer can at least ensure that you have the compensation you deserve—compensation that can pay off medical bills and help you maintain your lifestyle while you grow accustomed to your situation.


A Boise Motorcycle Accident Limb Loss Lawyer Can Help

Fortunately, there is hope if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident. If someone else was to blame for the accident or was responsible for causing it, you and your family might be entitled to compensation.

The lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates can help ensure that the right person is held accountable for your crash. Contact us by completing the form below or by calling our office toll-free at 1-800-404-9000.

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