Do you know what caused your motorcycle crash? If your bike suddenly went out of control, stopped working, or something felt “off,” it could be that you’re dealing with a defective part.

If the manufacturer sold your bike with a bad part on it or an aftermarket part didn’t function appropriately, you could sue the manufacturer. Hiring a Boise defective part motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates will help you do so.


Don’t Assume the Motorcycle Crash Was Your Fault

It is easy to assume that if your motorcycle was the only vehicle involved in the wreck, that it was your fault. This may not be the case. Rather than assume anything about the crash, it’s important to investigate the facts and determine what really happened.

If you feel that you were doing everything correctly but suddenly the bike didn’t respond like it should have, was out of control, or stopped functioning, it is possible that a defective part is to blame.


Proving a Defective Part Caused Your Crash

Identifying the bad part and proving negligence takes work. We need to begin the investigation immediately, because if the mechanic throws the old parts away when fixing your bike, it could be harder to prove your case.

However, in many cases a defective model of motorcycle part will have been responsible for other wrecks in the past. Tying your wreck to previous crashes just requires some digging and research. An expert mechanic can often shed light on what happened by identifying any parts that appeared to have malfunctioned before or during the crash.


Negotiating a Settlement

If a motorcycle manufacturer is responsible for your crash, they will have a team of attorneys defending them. Rather than admit that they sold something with a defective part attached, they are likely to blame you for what happened. Given the common perception of motorcyclists as reckless, they could get away with it if you try and represent yourself.

You never want to negotiate with the other side on your own. They will use what you say against you and are likely to make a lowball settlement offer. Your attorney can work against this to get you as much money as possible.


Find Out What Your Motorcycle Injuries Are Worth

After being injured due to a defective motorcycle part, you deserve to be compensated for your physical injuries and the toll they have taken on your life and finances. Placing a value on your injury claim can take time, but in general there are three main types of compensation:

  • Economic Damages – These pay for provable expenses and financial losses like medical bills, transportation, rehabilitation, and lost wages. Future expenses can also be projected and included in your demand for compensation.
  • Non-Economic Damages – This money goes to you for the pain and suffering and lost quality of life you have endured. They are not tied to any one thing but to the overall impact the accident has had on your life.
  • Punitive Damages – When a jury wants to punish a negligent party, they will award punitive damages. In the case of a defective motorcycle part, they may want to prove a point and force the manufacturer to recall all the motorcycles with that same part. Punitive damages are a good way to force their hand.


Speak with a Boise Defective Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

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